Barre Family Health Center Faculty


Marcy Keddy Boucher, MD
Assistant Professor
UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency, 2014
University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2011
Simmons College
Professional Affiliations: MMS, AAFP
Areas of Interest/Research: Rural Medicine, Maternal-Child Health, Women’s Health
About UMass Worcester: At BFHC you get to be a comprehensive small town family physician. We do it all - from birth to geriatrics and everything in between. UMass gives you the opportunity to practice in a small town setting while also training at a large tertiary care center – the best of both worlds!
Personal Facts:  I can’t seem to step out of Massachusetts – born, raised and educated here. I have two beautiful children and love to find new ways to juggle and inter-mingle my physician and mommy hats.




Kosta Deligiannidis, MD 
Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts Medical School, MD, 2004
UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency (Barre), 2007
UMass Family Medicine Interest Group Advisor, 2008 - Present 

 Devito    Cheryl DiVito, DO
Assistant Professor
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2002
University of Massachusetts Family Medicine Residency Program, Fitchburg, MA, 2005



Stephen Earls, MD
Medical Director and Education Director
Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences of The George Washington University 
The George Washington University, MD 
Miriam Hospital Internal Medicine Residency
University of Massachusetts/Worcester City Hospital 
Areas of Interest and Research: Rural Health, Healthcare and Practice Management 
Hometown: Southbridge, Massachusetts 
About UMass Worcester: Our health centers are the strength of our program. Located in the community rather than in the hospital, our residents enjoy an opportunity to be a genuine community family physician while experiencing the excellent training offered in a major university medical center. 
About Choosing Family Medicine: I grew up with a general practitioner providing care to my family and was impressed with the way in which he was able to make it all seem like it would turn out all right. Meeting a community need as he did became my ambition and I felt I could only do that in Family Medicine. While the science of medicine is interesting, the relationship with patients is what I most enjoy. 
Personal Facts: Avid but not very good golfer. Proud father and grandfather.


William Ferrarone, PhD
Years at BFHC: 20 Years
Areas of Interest: Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Personality Disorders
Hometown: Springfield, MA


Allison Hargreaves, MD
Assistant Professor
Assistant Residency Director for Adult Medicine Education
Director, Family Medicine Inpatient Service
Dartmouth College, 2002
University of Massachusetts Medical School, MD, 2006
UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency (Barre), 2009
Areas of Interest and Research: Adult Inpatient Medicine, End-of-life care, Maternal/child health; Resident education/mentoring; Web-based curricula and academic resources
Hometown: North Easton, MA 
About UMass Worcester: UMass provides state-of-the-art tertiary care to the people of central Massachusetts and beyond, while also maintaining a strong emphasis on primary care. I love being part of a university-based academic institution where Family Medicine is represented everywhere I look. Training at the Barre Family Health Center reinforced for me that I can have it all—a small-town rural practice with access to a major academic medical center where I can do research, teach, and continue to learn. There really is something for everyone at UMass. 
Why Family Medicine? There is no other field that would allow me to deliver a baby, suture a chainsaw laceration, perform well-child examinations for all ages, diagnose cancer, cast a fracture, cure a rash, and hold a dying patient’s hand all in one week...or one day! As a family physician I perform a variety of procedures, practice evidence-based medicine, and apply well-exercised clinical skills and problem-solving capabilities on a daily basis, all to better serve my patients and my community. Caring for families throughout the life cycle allows the patient-physician relationship to be one of true meaning and trust. Being able to mentor residents and medical students as they grow as family physicians makes this calling even more rewarding. 
Personal Facts: I considered withdrawing my medical school acceptance to be a high school English teacher. To this day I have a love of teaching and of literature and the arts. I try to read at least one non-medical book per month. Ask me what I am reading now!  I am an avid sports fan, in particular Red Sox baseball, Celtics basketball, and Patriots football so I’m covered for all seasons. I love playing all of the above and also enjoy non-spectator activities such as swimming and bowling (well, watch if you want).


Cynthia D. Jeremiah, MD
Medical University of Silesia in Katowice Poland, 2005
Residency at UMass Worcester Family Medicine; Barre Family Health Center, 2009
Areas of Interest and Research: 
Childhood development, adolescent health, women’s health
Hometown: Yonkers, NY (Go Yankees!)
About UMass: BFHC in my mind defines family medicine as you take care of people from birth to death, as well as provide urgent care, and OB care. You can't get more complete than that. It’s a wonderful place to work. It can get pretty busy, but it never loses its small town charm.
Why Family Medicine? I wanted to work in a specialty where I could take care of families and maintain continuity of care. I wanted to be in a specialty where the skills I obtained covered a wide spectrum of needs, so when I left residency, I could go anywhere.
Personal Facts: I enjoy cutting people’s hair, and cooking, but not at the same time! (That would be a fire hazard.)


Christie Langenberg, MD
Assistant Professor

Univerisity of Massachusetts Sports Medicine Fellowship, 2014
Swedish Famiy Medicine Residency-Cherry Hill
Tufts University School of Medicine
Personal Facts: I spent two years after residency working at a community health center, teaching residents at my residency clinic, and working in the first aid room at a local ski resort. I'm a native New Englander (born and raised outside of Boston,) and attended Tufts University where I played varsity lacrosse. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, swimming, cycling, skiing, photography, watching the Patriots and the Seattle Sounders, and spending time with family and friends.


Stephen Martin, MD, EdM
Boston University Medical Center (2002-2005)
Harvard Medical School, 2002
Williams College, 1991
Areas of Interest and Research: History and practice of the preventive examination, Rural health, Medical education, Correctional medicine, Improvement in care transitions, such as hospital discharges, Care for the underserved, Feedback, Wound care
Personal Facts: Was in middle school when Steve Martin’s film “The Jerk” came out, but still glad to share a name with him! Also, former comic book collector and still have all 1,400 issues carefully saved.
About UMass Worcester: I think UMass offers extraordinary quality in academic, clinical, and research efforts – all with primary care as a core value. I’m thrilled to be at Barre Family Health Center where we have a very close relationship with our community and where the training emphasizes relative independence in as rural setting. 
Why Family Medicine? I fit more into the “converted” category as I was initially inclined to do a Medicine/Pediatrics residency. But as I grew to understand the family medicine model – and felt more peace that I wouldn’t know everything at once – I was glad to join in. I think Family Medicine is a grounded specialty, and it offers a myriad of connections with patients, colleagues, the community, and the university that are especially rewarding.

 resized Mullin  

Daniel Mullin, PsyD
Assistant Professor
Cornell College
Spalding University, PhD
Internship at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (Dept. of Family Medicine)   
Fellowship in Primary Care Psychology at University of Rochester (Depts. of Family Medicine and Psychology) 
Personal Facts: Dr. Mullin is the on-site supervisor at the Barre Family Health Center. He joined our faculty in 2008 after a two year post-doctoral experience at Rochester Medical School. He has interests in health behavior change, integrated primary care and resident teaching. Originally from Illinois, Dr. Mullin enjoys camping, travel, and photography.

recropped Potts   

Stacy Potts, MD, MEd
Associate Professor
Residency Director, UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency
President, Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC)
University of Vermont College of Medicine, 1998 
UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency (Barre), 2001
University of Massachusetts Faculty Development Fellowship, 2002 
Areas of Interest and Research: Adult learning in graduate medical education
About UMass Worcester: During my residency search I stumbled across UMass Worcester. I was struck by the wonderful balance between a University training program and a rural community continuity site. I stayed because I knew I would never be able to find the breadth, diversity, and strength of a Family Medicine Department elsewhere. UMass is a unique place to be as a family medicine physician in New England and I LOVE IT! 
Personal Facts: I have four incredible children with diverse interests, from ballet to cattle shows and a whole lot of sports in between! My husband and I love marathon running and use it as a great excuse to travel together.


Brian Sullivan, MD
Assistant Professor
University of Utah, Family Practice Residency, 2012
University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2009