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The academic research findings of the department's faculty are often accepted for presentation at local, state and national meetings.  In addition, many of our faculty are often invited to present their educational and clinical research findings - both nationally and internationally.  Listed below (alphabetically by faculty name, though many presentations included faculty from other departments/institutions) are some of the more recent presentations made by department faculty:

Ron Adler and Steve Martin:
“Think Before You ‘Pink’: Launching a Social Movement to Re-design Cancer Screening Campaigns” (Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference / NCI)

Monica Agarwal, Stephanie Murigian, Christopher Chang, Serena Hon, Noah Rosenberg, Magda Castrillo, Andres Herrera and Olga Valdman:
"Community-based Assessment of Breastfeeding Practices in Rural Nicaragua" (poster; AAFP Global Health Conference)

Nicholas Apostoleris:
"Current Topics in Health Care for Persons Experiencing Homelessness" (Saffron Strand Homeless Workforce Conference)

Bob Baldor:
“TIA and Stroke” (AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly)
“Parkinson’s Disease” (AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly)
"Genetic Testing and Counseling: Is It in the Genes?" (MAFP Annual Meeting and Spring Refresher)
"Genetic Testing and Counseling: Is It in the Genes?" (AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly)
"Autism Spectrum Disorder" (AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly)

Katherine Barnard, Mary Flynn
et al:
"Safe Narcotic Prescribing in a Small Urban Family Practice" (STFM annual Conference on Practice Improvement)

Katherine Barnard and Chantal Dewey:
"Innovations in Population Health Teaching for Residents" (Family Medicine Education Consortium conference)

Jeff Baxter:
"Empowering Family Medicine Faculty and Resident to Address Prescription Opioid Abuse with Office-based Buprenorphine Treatment" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
"Training for Some or All? Successful Strategies to Overcome Obstacles for Buprenorphine Education and Practice" (STFM Annual Spring Conference)

Alexander Blount, Judy Steinberg, and Christine Johnson:
"Massachusetts Primary Care Payment Reform: Progress Report on a
Transformation" (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)

Alexander Blount:
"Integrated Primary Care: Partnership, Team or Scrum" (Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Conference)
"Turning Information to Action: Gathering User Perspective for Design of the Interactive AHRQ Academy Web Portal" (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)
"The Workforce for Integrating Behavioral Health in Primary Care" (National Association of Social Workers annual conference)

Phil Bolduc, Tracy Kedian:
"HIV + Prenatal Care in the Family Medicine PCMH: Sharing Lessons from the Field?" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Phil Bolduc:
"Care Retention Strategies for HIV Patients at the Family Health Center of Worcester" (New England AIDS Education Training Center Annual Faculty Development Conference)

C Clifford, Alexandra Bonardi and M Holder:
"Year 2: Systematically Review Evidence of Interventions Addressing Disparities in Oral Health for Adults with Intellectual Disability versus the General Population" (poster; American Public Health Association annual meeting)

Jennifer Bradford:
"Evaluating the Referral Process after a Positive Screen Using the Refugee Health Screener in Massachusetts: A Quality Improvement Project" (North American Refugee Health Conference)

Jay Broadhurst:
"Contract Negotiations" (MAFP Annual Meeting and Spring Refresher)

 Lucy Candib, Dan Lasser, Jennifer Reidy:
"Wit and Wisdom of Senior Faculty, Part 2: What is Mentoring and Why Do We Love It? (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Nathan Cardoos:
"Atypical Scapula Winging" (24th Annual American Medical Society of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting)

Stephanie Carter-Henry, Mary Puttmann-Kostecka, Virginia Van Duyne, Christine Runyan:
"Exposure to Traumatic Experiences on Labor and Delivery During Residency: An Opportunity for Curriculum Development on Resiliency to Secondary Trauma" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Suzanne Cashman:
"Interprofessional Collaboration Improving the Health of Urban Poor" (Association for Prevention Teaching and Research annual meeting)
"Filling the Gap in Service-learning Evaluation: The Voice of the Community Citizenship, and Institutional Transformation" (Community-Campus Partnerships for Health)
"Collaborative Interprofessional Teams Improving the Health of the Urban Poor" (All Together Better Health VII conference)

Suzanne Cashman
and Linda Cragin:
"Teaching Social Determinants of Health through Community-based Interprofessional Education: Opportunities for AHECs" (National AHEC Organization annual meeting)

Suzanne Cashman et al:
"Community-based Participatory Research: What is It and How Can All AHECs get Involved?" (National AHEC organization annual meeting)

Sai Cherala, Sandy Blount, Judy Steinberg and Joan Johnstone:
"Behavioral Health Screening in Primary Care Practices" (poster; IHI 16th Annual International Summit)

Sai Cherala
et al:
"Role of Clinical Quality Data in the Patient-Centered Medical Home" (STFM annual Conference on Practice Improvement)

Sai Cherala, J Johnston, J Vallejos, Judy Steinberg and Christine Johnson:
"Using Quantitative Data to Focus on Medical Home Facilitation Interventions in the Massachusetts Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative" (American Public Health Association annual meeting)

Michael Chin:
"Tracking Rates of Health Insurance Coverage Using Data from State Tax Filings in Massachusetts: 2008-2011" (poster; AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)
"Understanding and Analyzing the New Federal Reporting Requirements: Performance Indicators of State Medicaid & CHIP Programs" (22nd Annual Medicaid Managed Care Congress)

Robin Clark:
"Duration of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction: Are New State Policies Helping or Hurting Medicaid Members?" (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
"Evaluating the Impact of NEAIC Interventions on Healthcare Costs" (Asthma Regional Council of New England annual meeting)
"Does Prior Authorization of Buprenorphine/Naloxone Save Money or Reduce Diversion?" (American Public Health Association annual meeting)

Robin Clark et al:
"Gender Differences in Psychiatric Comorbidity and Treatment Outcomes in a Medicaid-Insured, Opioid Dependent Population" (AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)

Robin Clark, Wen-Chieh Lin et al:
"High Cost Medicaid Patients: Who are They? Whose Care is Managed? Whose Isn't?" (AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)

Robin Clark
, Jeff Baxter et al:
“Factors Associated with Arrest and Incarceration during Opioid Addiction Treatment” (Addiction Health Services Research conference)
Limiting the Duration of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction: Will New State Policies Help or Hurt?(AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)

Robin Clark, Deborah Gurewich et al:
"Integrating Primary Care: Experiences at Three Community-based Centers” (Addiction Health Services Research conference)

Ali Connell:
"Health Behavior Change for Chronic Illness Care Management" (Annual Case Management Society of America Conference)
"New Partnerships for Systems Change: Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care"
(Ounce of Prevention Conference/MA DPH)

Linda Cragin and Judy Savageau:
"Take II: Factors Related to Recruitment and Retention of Primary Care Physicians in Massachusetts After Health Reform"  (Association of Clinicians for the Underserved)

Linda Cragin:
"Core Competency Measurement for Youth Programming" (National AHEC Organziation annual meeting)

Linda Cragin et al:
"Resources and Tools to Engage Consumers in the Transformation Process to Become a Patient-centered Medical Home" (Association for Clincians for the Underserved)

Kosta Deligiannidis:
"FamPop 2015: Integrating Primary Care, Public Health and Family Medicine Education" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Joe DiFranza:
"Electronic Cigarettes and Adolescents" (FDA Symposium on Electronic Cigarettes)

Dennis Dimitri:
"It's Not a Sprint, But a Marathon: Lessons from the Field on the Many Ways One Can Advocate for Family Medicine" (2015 STFM Annual Meeting)
"Health Care Reform: Past and Present" (MAFP Annual Meeting and Spring Refresher)

Frank Domino:
“Applying Evidence-Based Medicine” (AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly)
“Top 10 – Updates from the Medical Literature” (AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly)
"The 10 Changes: 2014"  (MAFP Annual Meeting and Spring Refresher)
"The Top 10 Things I Learned in 2014" (AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly)
"Weight Loss and Exercise" (New Jersey Academy of Family Medicine conference)
"Top 10 EBN Changes to My Practice" (New Jersey Academy of Family Medicine conference)

Stephen Earls, Susan Begley, Judy Savageau, Barry Saver, Kate Sullivan. Alan Chuman, Nick Comeau, Barbara Fisher:
"Scribes in an Academic Family Medicine Practice: Improving Physician Satisfaction" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Alan Ehrlich:
"Medical Marijuana: What the Evidence Says" (2015 Primary Care Summit)

Mike Ennis:
"Faculty Turnover in Learning Communities" (poster, Annual Learning Communities Institute meeting)

Warren Ferguson, Judy Savageau, Linda Cragin, Laura Sefton, Joan Pernice:
"Take 2: Recruitment and Retention of Primary Care Physicians at Community Health Centers in Massachusetts: Results from 2008 and 2013 Physician Surveys" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Warren Ferguson:
"Facing Our Worst Health Disparity: Impact of Health Services Research in Criminal Justice Health" (Commonwealth Medical College Research Forum)

Warren Ferguson and Judy Savageau:
"An Evaluation of the Impact of the Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health" (8th Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health)

William Foley:
"An Osteopathic Approach to Pregnant Women" (Maine Osteopathic Association's Annual Winter Meeting)

Phil Fournier:
"Clinical Skills Teaching Within a Learning Community: A Model for Vertical Integration" (Learning Community Institute annual meeting)

Tara Futrell:
"Persistent Knee Pain in a 12 Year Old Dancer" (24th Annual American Medical Society of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting)

Elaine Gabovitch:
“The Road to Early Identification: A Capacity Building Journey” (The Power of Partnerships Summit – Early Access Autism Project)
“Will You Be the Key That Unlocks the Door? Sharing Concerns with Families” (The Power of Partnerships Summit – Early Access Autism Project)
“Considering Culture in Autism Screening and Systems of Care” (MA Act Early and the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs)

Elaine Gabovitch, Emily Lauer and Courtney Dutra:
“Healthy People 2020 Roadmap for Massachusetts Children and Youth with ASD/DD: Understanding the Needs and Measuring Outcomes” (Autism CARES annual grantee meeting)

Eric Garcia:
"Intimate Partner Violence and Homelessness: The Dilemma of Providing Services to the Couple in Conflict" (National Healthcare for the Homeless Conference)

Jack Gettens et al:
"The Employment-Related Health Insurance and Service Delivery Needs of Persons with Disabilities" (AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)
"Assessing Health Care Reform: Changes to Reduce the Complexity of the Application Process for Individuals with Disabilities" (AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)

David Gilchrist, Amanda Vitko and Ron Adler:
"Transitions of Care: Mind the Gap and Reap the Rewards" (MAFP Annual Meeting and Spring Refresher)

Joe Gravel et al:
"The Great Debate in Family Medicine: Should Our Residencies Require 3 Years or 4?" (2015 STFM Annual Meeting)
"The Great Debate: Should Our Residencies Require Three Years or Four?"  (Family Medicine Education Consortium Conference)

Jay Himmelstein

"Deciphering the Affordable Care Act: Implications for Physicians and Patients"  (American College of Physicians)
"Deciphering the Affordable Care Act: What's Working and What's Next?" (American College of Physicians)
"Technology and the ACA: Early Lessons from New England" (AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)

Tracy Kedian:
“Creating Successful Submissions to the STFM Annual Spring Conference” (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
"Speed Mentoring: Get Answers from the Experts on Leadership in Teaching” (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“Systematic Early Identification of Students in Difficulty: An Innovative Process” (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“Identifying and Supporting Your Struggling Learners: A Practical Approach” (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Clara Keegan:
"A Longitudinal Curriculum in Motivational Interviewing" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Ann Lawthers, Christine Johnson, Judy Steinberg
et al:
"Staff Resilience at Mid-Point in a Three-Year Medical Home Demonstration" (poster; AcademyHealth Annual Reseach Meeting)

Wen-Chieh Lin, Robin Clark et al:
“High Deductible Health Plans Adoption in Massachusetts: Implications for the Affordable Care Act” (AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)

Mary Lindholm:
“Flipping the Classroom-Home Visit Requirements at Nine Schools"  (STFM Conference on Medical Education)

Lauren Linken, Kostas Deligiannidis, Stephen Martin and Dan Mullin:
"Primary Care Interventions in the Treatment of Hepatitis C: Screening and Project ECHO in a Rural Primary Care Practice" (STFM annual Conference on Practice Improvement)

Robert Luby, Wendy Barr, Joseph Gravel:
"A Practical Guide to Developing Areas of Concentration: Experience at a Community-based Residency" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Cara Marshall, Wendy Barr, Joseph Gravel, Sebatian Tong:
"Building a Family Doctor for the Next 40 Years: Using the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) for Curricular Evaluation as a Visioning Process" (2015 STFM Annual Meeting)

Steve Martin:

“Growing a Student-Led Advocacy Community” (8th Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health)
"The Medical Symposium on Mass Incarceration: Building an Interprofessional Community of Advocates" (8th Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health)
"No Practitioner of Medicine Should be Without a Sphygmomanometer: One Hundred Years of Hypertension" (Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference)

Walter Mills, Joseph Gravel, Lisa Maxwell:
"The AFMRD Residency Performace Index: How Faculty and Staff Can Use It to Improve" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

H Hackman, G Simpson-May, Monika Mitra, HJ Kang, J Piana, R Ficks and W Li:
"Characteristics and Outcomes of Trauma in Patients with Developmental Disabilities in Massachusetts: 2008-2011" (poster; American Public Health Association annual meeting)

Monika Mitra et al:
"Using Longitudinal Data to Examine Pregnancy Outcomes Among Women with and without Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities" (European Regional Congress for the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)
"Oral Health Care During Pregnancy Among Women with and without Disabilities" (American Public Health Association annual meeting)

David Trotter, Dan Mullin, Tina Runyan, James Anderson, and Jeanna Spanning:
Successes and Challenges with the Expansion of Open Access Scheduling for Behavioral Health Across Intergrated Care Settings" (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)

Dan Mullin:
“Motivational Interviewing Track: Making the Most of your Time” (AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly)
"Evaluation of a Motivational Interviewing Course for Healthcare Providers" (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)
"Measuring Integration: An Empirical, Lexicon-based Approach" (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)

Stacy Potts:
"Addressing Requirements, Milestones, NAS, and Other Accreditation Issues: A Workshop with the RC-FM" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Noah Rosenberg, Vaishali Patel, Daniel Mullin, Stephen Earls and Stephen Martin:
“A Replicable, Residency-based Program for Treating Opioid Dependence in the Primary Care Setting” (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Noah Rosenberg:
"Ideas Worth Sharing: Cost-Benefit Analysis - A Helpful Tool to be Used in Global Health" (AAFP Global Health Conference)

Noah Rosenberg and Olga Valdman:
"Comparative Cost-Benefit Analysis of Medical Equipment Sterilization Methods in a Rural Nicaraguan Clinic" (poster; AAFP Global Health Conference)

Tina Runyan:
"The Roles of Behavioral Science Faculty within Family Medicine Residencies on Inpatient Medicine Teaching Service" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
"Resolving Ambiguity: Tools for the PCMH Team to Use in Addressing Privacy and Other Ethical Issues” (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)
“Roles and Responsibilities of Behavioral Science Faculty within Family Medicine Residencies on Inpatient Medicine Teaching Service” (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)
“Improving Primary Care Access and Coordination through SBIRT and Mental Health Screening in the Emergency Department” (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)
“Taking Care of Our Own: Building Resiliency through Residency Wellness Programs” (Behavioral Science in Family Medicine annual forum)
"Career Journeys: Charting a Good Course, Smooth Sailing, Sudden Squalls, and Unexpected Destinations” (Behavioral Science in Family Medicine annual forum)
“Preparing Practitioners for the Future of Primary Care: Living Laboratories for Interdisciplinary Training” (Behavioral Science in Family Medicine annual forum)

Meghan Veno, Judy Savageau, Hugh Silk, Kate Sullivan:
“A Department-wide Reflective Writing Listserv: Evaluating One Strategy for Incorporating Reflection into Medical Education and Practice” (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

B Behl-Chadha, M Gagnon, PP Lie, M Bharel, C Hillerns, Judy Savageau and Ann Lawthers:
“Comparison of Patient Experience Between a Practice for the Homeless and Other Practices Engaged in a Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)

Judy Savageau, Linda Cragin, J Pernice, Warren Ferguson, L Bailey and L Sefton:
“Take II: Factors Related to Recruitment and Retention of Primary Care Physicians at Community Health Centers Post Massachusetts Health Care Reform: Results from a 2013 and 2008 Statewide Physician Survey” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)

Barry Saver:
“Developing Persuasive Interventions for Controversial, Evidence-based Cancer Screening Recommendations – a Role for ‘Medicine Avenue’ Marketing” (AcademyHealth annual research meeting)
“The CONDUIT Study to Improve Control of Hypertension with Uploading of Home Monitoring Data to the EHR and Nurse-based Protocols – Implementation and Outcomes” (AcademyHealth annual research meeting)

Patricia Seymour:
“Hospital Medicine Updates” (MAFP Annual Meeting and Spring Refresher)
“Patient Satisfaction and Inpatient Teaching Services: Are These Mutually Exclusive?” (Family Medicine Education Consortium conference) 

Sara Shields:
“Group Prenatal Care and Labor Dystocia Case Studies” (AAFP Family Centered Maternity Conference)
“Miscarriage Management” (AAFP Family Centered Maternity Conference)
“Prevention of the First Cesarean: Labor Dystocia” (AAFP Family Centered Maternity Conference)
“Induction of Labor” (AAFP Family Centered Maternity Conference) 

Hugh Silk
“Collaboration and Integration in Adult Oral Health Care: Sharing Lessons” (Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry 2015 conference)
Fluoride Varnish Workshop: Transforming Your Office” (MAFP Annual Meeting and Spring Refresher)
“Expanding and Improving Medical Procedures On-site” (8th Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health)
“Best Practices in Medical Humanities Education” (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“Evolving Interprofessional Education and Practice: National and Local Efforts” (Medicaid-CHIP State Dental Association National Oral Health Symposium)
“Statewide Fluoride Varnish Medical Training Programs – Continuing the Conversation” (National Oral Health Conference)
Putting the Mouth Back in the Body: How Residency Programs are Teaching Oral Health”(Family Medicine Education Consortium conference)
“Oral Health Across the Life Span: Providing Care for the Whole Person” (Oral Health Kansas Conference)
“Oral Health Across the Life Span: What You Can Do for Your Patients” (AAFP Annual Scientific Assembly)
“Making the Medical-Dental Connection in Your Practice” (5th Annual Symposium on Oral Health and Primary Care; also presented at the American Dental Association annual conference)
“Oral Health – Where Does it Fit into Overall Health”? (New England Rural Health Round Table Oral Health Conference)

Joan Johnston, Judy Steinberg and Sai Cherala:
“How Can Care Management Improve Patient Outcomes?” (poster; IHI 16th Annual International Summit)

Judy Steinberg, Sai Cherala, Christine Johnson and Ann Lawthers:
"Massachusetts Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative (MA PCMHI): Impact on Clinical Quality at 30 Months" (AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)

Judy Steinberg, Christine Johnson, David Polakoff et al:
"Lessons Learned from Implementing the Massachusetts Patient-Centered Medical Home (PMCH) Initiative" (poster; AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting)

Herb Stevenson
“Fundamentals of Sports Ultrasound” (24th Annual American Medical Society of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting)
“Prevention of Ski Injuries” (American College of Sports Medicine NE Annual Meeting)
“Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound” (American Medical Society of Sports Medicine Musculoskeletal Conference)

Robyn Stewart, Elise LaFlamme, Wendy Barr, Eloise Edgings-Pryce:
“Advance/Surgical Obstetrics Training During Residency: An Area of Concentration Model” (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Olga Valdman:
"Educating Millennials: What Works, What Doesn't and Why?" (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
"Spanish Language Training During Family Medicine Residency” (AAFP Global Health Conference)
“Family Medicine Place in the Broader Global Health Conversation: A Collaborative SWOT Analysis” (Global Health Conference)

Virginia Van Duyne and Stephanie Carter-Henry:
“Innovations in Maternity Care Resident Education While Modeling Change Practices” (2015 STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Santosh Verma et al:
“Duration of Slip-Resistant Shoe Usage and the Rate of Slipping in Limited-Service Restaurant Workers: Results from a Prospective and Crossover Study” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)

Amanda Vitko
, Serena Hon, Bency Louidor-Paulynice et al:
“Transitional Care Management at a Residency Site” (STFM annual Conference on Practice Improvement)

Linda Weinreb, Carole Upshur et al:
“Integrated Care Model for Homeless Mothers with Depression – The Healthy Moms Project”  (National Health Care for the Homeless Council Annual Meeting; also presented at the NAPCRG annual meeting)

Susan Wolf-Fordham:
“Ukrainian, Israeli and American Perspectives Regarding Changing Educational Opportunities and Methods for
Ukrainian Children with Disabilities”
(Education for the 21st Century: Multiculturalism, Children’s Rights and Global Citizenship)
“Emergency Planning For and With Individuals with Disabilities” (Beit Issie Shapiro 6th International Conference on Disabilities)

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