Research Initiatives

Medical Student Summer Research Fellowships

The University of Massachusetts Medical School offers many summer research fellowships to incoming first and second year medical students. This fellowship began in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and has grown to encompass many departments conducting both population-based as well as basic science research.

The following first and second year medical students (and departmental faculty preceptors) participated in research projects during the summers of 2011 and 2012. These projects were either part of on-going research efforts of the faculty members or newly defined and focused projects to encompass the summer months.

2012 Student/Faculty Projects:

Laurel Dezieck with Mick Godkin, PhD and the Indian Health Service
Childhood and Adolescent Obesity Prevention through Community Education Programs of the Whiteriver Indian Health Service

James Savage with Barry Saver, MD, MPH
Comparison of Patient, Hospital, and Primary Care Provider Medication Lists at the Time of Hospital Admission

Karen Tenner with Linda Weinreb, MD
Understanding Untreated Perinatal Mental Illness and the Role of Mental Health Providers

2011 Student/Faculty Projects:

Oksana Babchenko with Hugh Silk, MD, MPH and David Hatem, MD
Integrating Medical Humanities in the Curriculum

Vitaliy Belyshev with Sara Shields, MD, MS
IUD Quality Evaluation

Anna Chin with Katherine Barnard, MD
The Patient's Story: A Qualitative Study of the Patient's Experience in a Primary Care Medical Home

Patrick DeMartino with Christine Clements Stein, PhD, MPH
Cape Code Resident Survey to Assess the Prevalence of Household-level Challenges and Associated Needs for and Barriers to Service