Core Faculty



Nicholas Apostoleris, PhD
Dr. Apostolerisis the Associate Residency Director of the Fitchburg Famiy Medicine Residency. He is the on-site clinical supervisor of the Fitchburg site. He has extensive experience in Primary Care Psychology and is an alumnus of the Fellowship.

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Alexander Blount, EdD
Dr. Blount is the Director of Behavioral Science for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and is a primary clinical supervisor in the fellowship. He was previously Director of the Family Center of the Berkshires at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, MA. He was also a faculty member at the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy in New York City. He is the author of Integrated Primary Care: The Future of Medical and Mental Health Collaboration, published by Norton in 1998, and of several other articles in the field. He is a Past President of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association and previous Editor of Families, Systems, & Health. He is a primary supervisor for the Program of School Aged Children and runs the Certificate Program for Primary Care Behavioral Health which all fellows take in their first year.

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Kathleen Braden, MD
Dr. Braden is a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician with extensive experience in child behavior problems, autism spectrum disorders and child psychopharmacology. She is one of the faculty in the Program for School Aged Children clinic in which fellows learn brief child and family assessment and therapy.



William Ferrarone, PhD
Dr. Ferrarone is a member of the faculty at the Barre Family Health Center. He has been in practice for over twenty years and practicing in a primary care setting for ten. He lives in Barre and is actively involved in the community.



Daniel Mullin, PsyD
Dr. Mullin is the onsite supervisor at the Barre Family Health Center. Dr. Mullin is the onsite supervisor at the Barre Family Health Center. He completed a two year post-doctoral experience at Rochester Medical School. He has interests in health behavior change, integrated primary care and resident teaching. His primary passion is teaching Motivational Interviewing through experiential trainings and runs the Certificate for Intensive Training in Motivational Interviewing course through the Center for Integrated Primary Care.



Tina Runyan, PhD
Dr. Runyan is the Director and primary clinical supervisor of the fellowship. She joined our faculty as Associate Director of Behavioral Science and is the Behavioral Science Director for the Worcester Family Medicine Residency. She has extensive experience in health psychology in primary care. She has been a leader in developing integrated primary care in the Air Force and has experience in teaching and academic leadership in health psychology graduate training. Her primary clinical interests are in the role of trauma in primary care and physician wellness, including teaching mindfulness based skills to residents.


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Craig Wiener, EdD
Dr. Wiener is the on-site clinical supervisor at Family Health Center of Worcester. He has extensive experience in residency training and a special interest in child behavioral issues.