University of Massachusetts/Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences

Blended MPH Program on the Worcester Campus

Learning Styles and Teaching Venues

Our program is especially suited to working professionals with busy schedules and varying learning style needs. To this end, our curriculum includes a blending of venues.  Students enrolled in the Worcester Campus MPH Program will have the opportunity to take some of their classes in the classroom setting and supplement with online classes/web-based instruction through the UMass Public Health Practice Program.

Students who are interested in taking some of their classes in the classroom should enroll in the Blended Program on the Worcester Campus.

Students interested in taking the majority of courses on-line should enroll in the Public Health Practice online program offered through the Amherst campus.

Upon matriculation, all students in the Worcester Blended MPH Program are matched with an advisor who works closely with him or her to develop a course schedule that is tailored to meet individual career needs.