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What is E*Value?
Are there training tools for me to access?
I forgot my login or password
How can I learn more about e*Value?

FAQs - Students From All Schools

What types of requests will I receive from E*Value?
The faculty member or research mentor I need to evaluate is not listed on the form.
I received an evaluation for the wrong person or course?
I cannot evaluate a lecturer because I did not attend that specific class?
What happens if I do not complete my assigned evaluations?
Can faculty identify my specific course evaluation information?
What if I want to provide feedback but am unsure how to do so professionally?
How do I access “real time” reports of my own performance?

Additional Information for Students
in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

I selected my mentor’s name for my research course, but then there weren’t any more questions. Is this normal?
What happens if I do not indicate my research mentor?

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