Pre-Award Grant Contacts


Download Contact List Pre-Award Contact List

Beril Kilicaslan-Hendekli, Research Administrator, Dept. of Emergency Medicine
P: 508-421-1576;

Full Staff directory for the Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Denise DeGabriele-Lindberg, Administrative Assistant II (RFS)
P: 508-856-2119;

Specific contacts for Emergency Medicine within RFS (Black Team):

Janice Lagace:  Assistant Director, Grants
P: 508-856-8980;

Tammy LeBlanc: Grants Administrator II
P: 508-856-6481;

Pamala Harney: Grants Administrator I
P:  508-856-5752;

Gina Marzilli-Shaughnessy: Assistant Director of Contracts
P:  508-856-8216;

Jim LeBlanc: Grants Contracts Administrator II
P:  508-856-6073;

Important links:

NIH OER website

UMass Research Funding Services

See Proposal information sheet for references which includes institutional identifiers, indirect rates and institutional contacts, etc. located at:

Pre-populated forms with UMass information can be found at:

UMass COI Website


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