Richard V. Aghababian Emergency Medicine Leadership and Administrative Fellowship

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Richard V Aghababian Emergency Medicine Leadership and Administration Fellowship
Martin Reznek, MD, MBA, Fellowship Director

The Richard V Aghababian Emergency Medicine Leadership and Administration Fellowship provides the opportunity for emergency physicians to develop key administrative skills essential to becoming future leaders in the delivery of emergency care and healthcare in general.

The primary goal of the fellowship is to equip graduates with expertise in management of clinical operations, process/quality improvement, and organizational alignment. The formal curriculum, along with real world experience in a complex healthcare organization, is designed to prepare fellows for successful transition to ED director positions upon graduation. Much of the training therefore focuses on the areas of ED operations and quality. However, exposure to hospital and health system administrative management is also prioritized as many future EM leaders also have long term goals of hospital/health system leadership.  The opportunity to participate with senior hospital leadership on a variety of multidisciplinary initiatives affords a deeper perspective of how the ED and ED management interacts most effectively within the hospital and health system. To meet the fellowship goals, fellows participate in: 1) multiple departmental, hospital and health system committees and work groups, 2) emergency department clinical quality review and patient complaint investigations, 3) on-the-job training by taking primary responsibility for multiple process improvement projects (with oversight and guidance from Fellowship faculty), and 4) one or more local or national emergency medicine organizations. Fellows also have the opportunity to participate in original research in the areas of quality improvement and ED/hospital operations.

The fellowship offers the option of a one or two-year track, however, the two-year option is strongly encouraged because it affords more in-depth training and allows fellows to concurrently pursue Master’s level training (MBA, MPH, MMM, MHA or MHSA). During the fellowship, fellows practice clinically as a junior attending in our emergency departments.

The fellowship faculty includes physician and non-physician leaders who have expertise in various aspects of emergency department, hospital and health care system administration and leadership. Collectively, the faculty’s experience covers every essential aspect of emergency medicine administration as well as multiple hospital and health system rolls. In addition, their experience also covers academic, urban and community emergency medicine practices. Each faculty member has substantial experience in their respective areas of expertise as well as experience in mentorship and education. Finally, many of the faculty have published original research in the areas of quality and ED/hospital operations and hold leadership positions in state and national organizations.

For further information please contact:

Martha Wright, MBA, Program Manager
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Department of Emergency Medicine
55 Lake Avenue North, LA-166
Worcester, MA 01655
Tel: (508) 421-1417
Fax: 508-421-1490

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