Elyssa A. Pellish, MD

Elyssa A. Pellish, MD-Faculty-Department of Emergency MedicineAssistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Pellish is a graduate of the Brown University Program in Emergency Medicine and of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  She did her undergraduate work at Yale University.  She most recently was an attending at the Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island and a faculty member at the Brown University Program in Emergency Medicine. Her research includes work with detection and evaluation of the genetic diversity of Methicillin Resisitant Staph Aureus.

How to contact:

Elyssa Pellish, MD
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655

Telephone: (508) 421-1400

FAX: (508) 421-1490

To send e-mail, click here.

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