Clinical Decision Unit


Robert McCarron, MD  Director

The CDU (Clinical Decision Unit) opened for business in the ED in Jan., 2008.  It is a 9 Bed unit adjacent to the North Pod of the ED staffed primarily by mid-levels (Nurse Practitioners and PAs).  It is, as are all such units, protocol-driven with currently 14 different diagnosis-specific protocols.  We see however, as would be expected, predominantly low and intermediate risk chest pain patients who constitute approximately 2/3 of our volume.  I believe it is fair to say that, although yet in its early childhood, this adjunct to the ED has been helpful in decompressing the main ED, facilitating evaluation and treatment for patients, and expanding the educational opportunity for the residents.  We hope to continually improve in all regards.

May our compassion with patients, our affection and respect for one another and our curiosity for the many ambiguities that medicine forever presents sustain us. I hope that these few comments encourage everyone to relish the “full catastrophe” (as a laughing Zorba called it) that life in all its wondrous splendor can offer.