Quantitative Health Science: Advanced Biomedical & Translational Sciences

 Course List

Number         Course Name Type Location                                       
ABTS-400Foundations of Genomics-Based Medicine  UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-401Development of Vaccines for Viral Diseases UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-402Neuropathogenesis and Therapeutic Strategies for ALS UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-403Update of Inflammation, Immunity and their Contribution to Cardiovascular Disease UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-404Antibiotic Resistance UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-405Frontotemporal Dementia  UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-406Can you fix catabolism gone wrong? UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-407Immunopathology of Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis: T Cells Misbehaving in the Airways UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-408The Neurobiology of Addictions UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-409Adipose Tissue Dysfunction in Obesity and Diabetes UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-410Synthetic Scaffolds and Stem Cell-Based Strategies Towards Bone and Cartilage Tissue Repair UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-411Progenitor Cells in Cardiac Development, Disease (Congenital and Adult and Regeneration) UMMHC-University Campus
ABTS-412Design Clinical Trials in Oncology UMMHC-University Campus