Talking With Your Child About Tough Issues

These websites have information and tips for talking with your children about tough issues:

Dollars and Sense: Talking to Your Children About the Economy
Parenting: Communication Tips for Parents
How to Talk to Kids About Sexual Orientation and Prejudice
Talking to Kids About Race
Talking to Our Children About Racism and Diversity
What to Tell Your Kids About Prejudice and Discrimination
Talking with Kids about Tough Issues: HIV & AIDS
There's No Place Like Home...for Sex Education
Talking with Your Kids About Sex
Talking to Kids about Sexuality: What Kids Need to Know and When
Talk to Your Teens About Healthy Relationships
Talking to Kids and Teens About Social Media and Sexting
Talking to Your Teen About Dating Violence
Parents Matter (.pdf)
Communication and Your 13-18-Year-Old
How to Talk to Your Child About Molestation
How and When to Talk to Your Child About Sexual Abuse
How to Talk to Your Children About Stress
How to Talk to Your Teen About Safe Driving

Violence, Terrorism, War, Natural Disasters

Coping with Violence and Traumatic Events
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network - Terrorism
Talk to Your Kids About Violence (.pdf)
Talking to Children About Terrorism and War
Talking to Your Children About Natural Disasters, War and Violence
Talking to Kids About Fear and Violence
Tips for Talking with and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event