Welcome to the University of Massachusetts Medical School's  Diversity & Inclusion Office (D&I)

The Diversity & Inclusion Office (D&I) is the principle vehicle to guide the implementation of our diversity and inclusion strategies and programs. However, all of us have a role in helping to achieve a high performing, inclusive learning community. Through the D&I, a number of resources and services are available to help us create an organizational culture that maximizes the potential for diversity to achieve our vision of becoming one of the nation’s most distinguished academic health sciences center.

The D&I coordinates diversity programming and provides oversight of compliance for Affirmative Action/EEO and ADA policies. We mediate and resolve conflicts related to uncivil behavior, harassment and discrimination. These policies and procedures are the foundation for managing a diverse workforce and creating a culture of civility and respect. Yet, managing diversity simply as human respect is not enough.

To achieve remarkable results and achieve our institutional mission, an inclusive organization must be created. We embrace diversity in its many dimensions and strive to create an organizational structure that meets the needs of every individual who makes up our community. Several diversity resource groups and university leadership positions exist within UMMS to drive our inclusion efforts. Diverse groups are a powerful force. They generate more ideas, make positive changes and help advance great institutions like UMMS.

I am confident that our efforts will “go plaid,” integrating diversity into our system, structure and the way we function. The D&I staff thanks you for helping us advance our diversity and inclusion goals.

Deborah L. Plummer, Ph.D. 
Vice Chancellor 
Diversity & Inclusion Office