Diabetes at UMass Medical School

We work as an integral component of the UMassMemorial Healthcare Diabetes Center of Excellence to continuously improve our patient-centered approach with delivery of lifestyle education to both the person with diabetes and to care partners integrated with proactive, prepared care providers.

We seek to revolutionize diabetes care by using the latest medical therapies to help people with diabetes maximize their health and well being, preparing, training, and empowering the next generation of diabetes experts and conducting research to investigate means to prevent the disease for those at risk and cure those afflicted.

Clinical Services

Our goal is to educate and empower the person with diabetes to learn everything needed to effectively manage this complex chronic disease. We develop ways to simplify care that is required to properly treat the person with diabetes.


Our work at UMassMed remains at the forefront of innovative educational initiatives, training certified diabetes educators, dieticians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians, and tailoring that training to the individual’s needs.


No diabetes treatment advance can supplant the ultimate goal of preventing diabetes in those at risk for the disease, or curing it for those already diagnosed. The Diabetes Division at UMassMed enjoys a rich and ongoing history of important basic and clinical research advances designed to rid the world of diabetes.

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Division Chief


David M. Harlan, MD
Director of the Diabetes Center of Excellence
Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics