What's New in Dermatology

In July 2014, we began holding clinics in our new beautiful 2nd floor space at the ACC Building on the University Campus. 

The ACGME accredited Dermatopathology Fellowship entered its sixth year in 2014 graduate, Kristine Cornejo, MD, as the new fellow for 2014-2015.

Our recent graduate, Amanda Robinson, MD is the ACGME accredited Procedural Dermatology fellow for 2014-2105. Our 2015-2016 fellow is Luke Nicholas, MD.

Dori Goldberg, MD runs a cosmetic dermatology clinic for senior residents on Thursday afternoons. This clinic includes botox and fillers, sclerotherapy, and nail clinic with Nathaniel Jellinek, MD.

John Harris, MD, PhD sees patients with vitiligo and other autoimmune diseases weekly in his two resident clinic. His newest clinical trial is looking at the efficacy of an oral medication for the treatment of vitiligo.

Our recent graduates, Erik Domingues, MD; Vincent Criscione, MD and Amanda Robinson, MD, scored 98% on their recent American Board of Dermatology certification exam! Erik and Vincent also won the Resident Jeopardy at the annual AAD meeting 2014 in Denver, Colorado.