September 11, 2013
Drs. Michele Pugnaire Brian Lewis and Kathleen Miller
Golding Conference Room

October 23, 2013
Effective Communication Strategies
Jean King, PhD
ASC-Cube Conference Room

November 13, 2013
Negotiating Strategies
Jeroan Allison, MD, M.Sc. Epi.
ASC-Cube Conference Room

December 11, 2013
Finding Funding for Advancing Professional Goals
Jose Lemos, PhD
ASC-Cube Conference Room

January 2014 (TBD)
Health Equity
Maria Garcia, MD
Location: TBD

February 2014 (TBD)
Successfully Managing Multiple Aspects of your Career
Joyce Rosenfeld, MD
Location: TBD

March, 2014 (TBD)
Wrap-Up Session and Celebration
Deborah Plummer, PhD
Location: TBD