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Who We Are

The Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School is a sought-after partner among public agencies and foundations striving for health care system improvement and health policy analysis.

Our purpose -- to enrich and develop reform ideas and policies that enhance the coverage, quality, and affordability of care for vulnerable populations -- drives our work:

  • Analyzing new policies
  • Crafting laws and financing frameworks for reform
  • Designing new programs and purchasing strategies
  • Navigating complex legal parameters
  • Educating through reports and webcasts

With health law and economics expertise, we shape reform efforts and help government leaders achieve policy goals. Our team knows the importance of strong federal agency relations; the legal complexities of Medicaid, ERISA, ADA, and HIPAA; the challenge of garnering stakeholder support; the economics of risk and cost shifting. We solve multi-faceted problems through our interdisciplinary and real-world experience. We turn health reform ideas into reality.



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