Volume IV:  Faculty Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Faculty Affairs!  Our Office supports the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in their mission of excellence in healthcare education, service and research. 

We are responsible for the implementation and management of the faculty appointment and promotions process, the tenure process, governance policies and other faculty-related matters within the University.  

We offer a wide array of programs designed to help faculty progress in their academic careers. Workshops are available to help faculty advance competencies, develop collaborative relationships with colleagues, enrich our faculty community, and enhance personal growth.   Mentoring opportunities provide junior faculty with input from experienced and successful faculty in an informal, confidential and non-evaluative manner. 

In addition to formal programs, our Office sponsors a series of social events and meetings with small groups of faculty and administration to encourage faculty interactions, create a culture of community, and provide input on faculty needs.  We hope to see you at our next event. 



04.01.01Governance Document, University of Massachusetts Medical School (Doc. T03-035, as Amended by the Board of Trustees on August 23, 2006) 
Academic Personnel Policy, School of Medicine (Doc. T95-022, as Amended by the Board of Trustees on August 23, 2006) 


Faculty Grievance Procedure (Doc. T88-038A, Approved October 5, 1988) 


Policy for Responding to Allegations of Scientific Misconduct (Doc. T98-093, Approved October 7, 1998) 


Complaint Procedure: Appropriate Treatment of Students 


Teaching Portfolio