Volume I: UMMS Governance, Legal, and Administration

Welcome to Volume I of the UMass Worcester Policy and Procedures library.

University Policies are documents that contain concise statements of direction and required action issued by the Board of Trustees. These documents are assigned a Board of Trustee's document number (e.g., Doc.T97-010).

University Guideline sare statements designed to achieve the requirements of University Policies by establishing specific criteria that must be met in Campus Procedures. These documents are issued by the President.

Campus Procedures are statements designed to comply with the requirements of University Guidelines by establishing specific criteria that must be met by University students, staff, consultants, etc.

This volume contains information from the Board of Trustees, Campus Administration, and School Services. Currently, the volume is separated into three chapters addressing the main areas covered in the volume, with a link for related forms.

For more information or to download University Policies please visit the UMass Policies web page