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UMMS #TitleInventorCase Manager
UMMS 07-18
Biodegradable and Thermo-responsive Shape memory Polymers
Jie Song er al., Ph.D.Kevin Lehman
UMMS 08-25
FlexBone: A Synthetic Bone Substitute
Jie Song et al., Ph.D.Kevin Lehman
UMMS 01-26 Scatter Reducing Device for X-Ray ImagingAndrew Karellas, Ph.D.Wanni Asavaroengchai
UMMS 02-23 Novel Centrosome Proteins Involved in Cytokinesis and Cell Cycle ControlStephen Doxsey, Ph.D.Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 02-33 Centrosome Defects in Precancerous Lesions as Tools for Tumor Diagnostics, Prognostics, and TreatmentStephen Doxsey, Ph.D.Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 03-103 Methods and Compositions for Controlling Efficacy and Specificity of RNA SilencingPhillip D. Zamore, Ph.D. et al.Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 03-11 5' Phosphorylated, Single-Stranded siRNAs That Trigger RNA InterferencePhillip D. Zamore, Ph.D. et al.Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 03-12 Malleolar Pad for Pressure UlcersRaymond Dunn, M.D.Kevin Lehman
UMMS 03-121 DNA Vaccines for SARSShan Lu, M.D.Kevin Lehman
UMMS 03-135 A Novel Cell Cycle Checkpoint Under the Control of the CentrosomeStephen Doxsey, Ph.D.Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 03-24 Polyvalent HIV-1 Glycoprotein DNA Vaccines and Vaccination MethodsShan Lu, M.D.Kevin Lehman
UMMS 03-30 Human CMV Nucleic Acid, Proteins, Vaccines and UseShan Lu, M.D.Kevin Lehman