Building Brighter Futures

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What is the Program?

Building Brighter Futures is a community-based initiative that gives Worcester public high school students exposure to the business of health care. In this eight-week program, students learn about health care careers and have the opportunity to improve math, science and basic business skills. Approximately 50 Worcester public high school students (some new and some returning) work in part-time, 24-hour per week positions over the summer.

UMass Medical School and Building Brighter Futures

The past few years, UMass Medical School has participated in the Worcester Public Schools Building Brighter Futures Program. UMass Medical School embraces the opportunity to demonstrate support for diverse communities by providing work and volunteer experiences for local youth. These experiences help our young people learn meaningful skills and contribute to building the workforce of the future.

The Medical School provided opportunities to 25 Worcester high school juniors and seniors. Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion seeks departments who are interested in taking one or more students and providing them with a meaningful work experience in administrative and other supportive service positions. Work schedules are flexible, depending upon the needs of each department.

UMMS wants to help make the summer work experience a positive learning opportunity that will surely impact a student’s future career choices.

More Information

UMMS Contact: For more information about this program, email Jesse Edwards at