Welcome to UMass Medical School Information Services.  You will be using a spectrum of instructional technologies in your studies.  This checklist represents what you will require to access your curriculum content.   

Technology Preparation Checklist

Help Desk and BLS Vista Introduction


Utilize your UMass Medical School email account to receive your BLS Vista credentials


Contact the 24/7 Help Desk

  • For all technology needs--for example BLS Vista log in credentials
  • Except the Laptop Program


Login to BLS Vista and run the Check Browser to verify your laptop settings

BLS Vista SoM Course Structure


Access your Course List


View the Medical School online course template iCARE


Navigate to the 2nd and 3rd layers of the course site


Open a linked PDF file, practice annotating, highlighting, and save to your laptop

Multimedia Content


View multimedia content: Recorded Lecture Capture streaming sample

Virtual Microscopy


Open and view Virtual Microscopy slides, changing objectives.

Polling Technologies


There are two types of polling - via clicker or via a web browser (Responseware).  Faculty may choose one or the other.  You will receive an email in the next couple of weeks that will instruct you to activate your Responseware license.

Christine Worden / Director Academic Computing, IS