Face of the Sherman CenterFaces of the Sherman Center
Meet six people who were heavily involved in the work that took the Sherman Center from architectural plans to finished building.
Time Lapse VideoTime-lapse video of the ASC construction
Watch a bare stretch of meadow turn into one of the nation's most progressive medical research buildings.
A Compicated Move Video

A complicated move
Parts of the building still showed exposed steel, pipe and concrete in September, but planning was still underway for filling the ASC with people and equipment.

Energy Efficient VideoBuilding an energy-efficient building
From the beginning of the design process for the Albert Sherman Center, energy efficiency and sustainable building practices have been at the forefront.
Jet Engine Turbine VideoJet engine will drive expanded campus power plant
To make sure the lights shine brightly in the Albert Sherman Center, UMass Medical School is turning to high-efficiency jet power to expand the output of the campus power plant.
Jet turbine lands on campusJet turbine lands on campus
A jet engine turbine key to the upgrade of the power plant for the Albert Sherman Center arrives on the UMMS campus.
Video Archive 3 - Thumb

Evolutionary Design
Selecting ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge for the project, and exploring their approach to design

Video Archive 1 - Thumb


Model for Success
Exploring the interaction of digital tools and traditional model-making in the ARC design studio.

Video Archive 2 - Thumb


Virtual Reality Check
A look at the use of Building Information Modeling, known as BIM, a new three-dimensional digital tool for coordinating design and construction.

Video Archive Thumb - 4

An early look at the Sherman Center lab space
Members of the UMMS community got a preview of the look and feel of the new wet-lab areas in the Albert Sherman Center, thanks to guided tours of a full-scale mock-up.

Video Archive Thumb - 5

Visualizing the interior
The latest installment of a series of videos highlighting aspects of the design process of the Albert Sherman Center focuses on the selection of interior finishes for the building.