Programs and Services

The Center for Applied Nutrition offers several classes and services including Cardiac Rehab, outpatient nutritional counseling (508-334-3452), healthy cooking classes for cardiac and gastrointestinal concerns, and a study for Crohn's Disease. We also offer nutritional analysis for those interested in learning about their diet and how to improve it.

Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab is an optional program open to those who have had a heart attack and are looking to learn heart healthy ways to cook for themselves and their families. Participants learn how to make healthy and tasty dishes, including chocolate tofu pie, salmon burgers, and chili, to name a few. If you are interested in enrolling, please contact Jennifer Fournier at

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We propose to evaluate changes in the microbiome in patients with ileal, colonic, and ileo-colonic Crohn’s Disease (CD) before and after adherence to the Anti-Inflammatory Diet (AID). We hypothesize that by following the IBD-AID, CD subjects will A) demonstrate a change in the pattern of the microbiome as measured at baseline and follow-up by the Electronic Nose (E-Nose, baseline is part of the parent study), and B) find improvement in symptomology as measured by the Harvey Bradshaw Index (HBI), a validated and reliable tool to measure health-related quality of life in adult patients with Crohn's disease (all subjects have filled this out as part of the parent study). Crohn’s subjects who meet eligibility but decline intervention will be invited to serve as controls.

Gluten-Dairy Free Cooking Classes

Especially oriented toward patients with inflammatory bowel disease, those with IBS and other intolerances are invited to join us for a full meal and fun program for a small fee. If interested, please contact Barbara Olendzki at

Nutritional Analysis

Using the leading U.S. nutrient database, we have the ability to enter 24HR, 48 HR, or 72HR dietary recalls. If you are interested in having your diet analyzed, please e-mail a detailed dietary journal of foods consumed. For more information, please contact