Educational Opportunities for Physicians

Millennium MD/PhD Program

The Millennium PhD Program (MPP) ensures that physicians are equipped with the tools necessary to allow patients to benefit from the remarkable advances in knowledge derived from basic biomedical research.

The MPP grants PhD degrees to people who previously earned an MD.  The students are given substantial credit for medical school classes, so that only a minimum number of additional didactic courses (as few as one) are required before the student can take a qualifying exam.

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation

The Master of Science in Clinical Investigation Program provides MD as well as PhD trainees with methodologic and content skills that will enable them to design, conduct, and analyze the results of clinical, public health, and translational research investigations.

Master in Public Health

A Master of Public Health degree is offered at the University of Massachusetts Medical School campus in Worcester.  This degree is granted though and accredited by the School of Public Health and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  The courses are taught in Worcester by faculty from both campuses.

Clinical Scholars Program at UMass


The Clinical Scholars Program at UMass is designed to enhance research training opportunities for development of physician-scientists in translational and clinical research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The program will provide an optimal research training environment and mentoring structure to empower the Clinical Scholars to master skills for a future independent career as a patient-oriented and translational investigator.

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