Featured Studies

GeneSight Clinical Study (Docket # H-00004690)

The study is trying to see if a genetic test is helpful in guiding clinicians’ selection of medications for depression.  You might be eligible to participate in this study if:

  • You are trying or have recently tried a psychiatric medication, and
  • Your symptoms of depression are not improving despite at least 6 weeks on the treatment you are receiving, and/or
  • You are unable to tolerate the medication and have discontinued it.

If you would like more information, please call Jessica 774-455-4045.

 Are you an expectant parent? (Docket # 14126)

 We are developing a screener to be used in the largest long-term study of children’s health ever done in the United States called the National Children’s Study.  We are looking for expectant parents to help us to develop the screener.  All participants will be asked to complete a 10-minute telephone interview.  Some participants will receive a second phone call for an interview that will last approximately 30-minutes.  You will receive $25 for each interview completed.  If you are an expectant parent (female or male), live in Worcester County, are 18 years of age or older, and are able to speak and understand English, you are eligible to participate!  Please call the Study Center at (508) 856-3699 or e-mail ncs@umassmed.edu 


 Research study looking for pregnant women (Docket # H-00001672)

  Are you pregnant and planning on having your baby at UMass Memorial? Researchers in the UMass Medical School Department of Quantitative Health Sciences are conducting a research study to learn more about decision-making, eating, and weight gain during pregnancy, and are looking for pregnant women who plan on delivering their baby at UMass Memorial. Participants will attend one study visit and answer questions about decision-making, what motivates their food choices, their diet habits, and their thoughts and feelings. Women will also complete a survey at home about the food and things available in their kitchen and three telephone interviews about what they ate in the previous 24 hours. Compensation is provided. To learn more about in Decision-Making, Eating, and Weight Gain in Pregnancy Study (the DEW Study), call Sherry at 774-455-3858 or email her at rui.xiao@umassmed.edu.


 Current Smokers! (Docket # H-00001462)

We have developed a recommender system, similar to the ones used by Amazon and Netflix, that recommends smoking cessation/behavioral change messages based on the participants' characteristics. We will be asking smokers to rate one health behavior message every day for 30 days. For this study, the time commitment will be 15 minutes for a brief phone registration, 5 minutes a day for 30 days to rate the messages, and 20 minutes for a brief final phone survey. The honorarium will be in the form of gift cards.  Please contact: Lisa Lombardini, 508-856-8985, Lisa.Lombardini@umassmed.edu.

 Children’s Mealtime Study (Docket # H-1420)

The Children’s Mealtime Study located at the E.K. Shriver Center/UMass Medical School is looking for children with intellectual disabilities ages 3-8 to participate in a research study on children’s eating patterns, mealtime behaviors, and parent feeding practices.  For more details and contact information, please see: contact Rosalie at 774-455-6521 or mealtimes@umassmed.edu  or http://shriver.umassmed.edu/research/health-promotion/childrens-mealtime-study