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Invitations and Tickets 

Invitations and seating tickets (required) will be available in the GSN Office (S1-853) in April. You may invite as many guests as you want, but you must provide each guest with a ticket in order that we may provide sufficient seating, food and parking. We are planning to give each graduate 10 invitations and tickets initially; if you know now that you need more or fewer than 10, send an email to the GSN Office.  Otherwise, as your plans firm up, request additional tickets by email to the address above and return any unused tickets to the GSN Office as soon as possible in order that they may be redistributed. 

Accessible Seating

If any of your guests use a wheelchair or walker, need a signer, have an assistance dog or need other special consideration, reserved seating for handicapped guests and three companions is available. Please notify Diane Quinn (508-856-3399) as soon as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate their needs. Accessible seating will be held until 11:45 a.m., at which time the seats will be released for open seating.


University Cap & Gown has been selected to provide your graduation regalia. All students must come to the GSN Office (S1-853) to be measured and pay for their regalia by April 8. The cost for master's graduates is $40.75; for doctoral graduates, $51.00. Checks should be made out to University Cap & Gown. Regalia will be available for pickup immediately following the annual Alumni Breakfast on Friday, May 30.
    Caps and gowns must be returned in the original bag, clearly marked with your name, no later than Wednesday, June 4.  The hood that will be provided at the ceremony is yours to keep.  A GSN staff member will be available in the GSN Office for one hour immediately following the Commencement ceremony to collect regalia.  


Alumni Breakfast

The GSN Alumni Association is pleased to honor you at their annual Alumni Breakfast on Friday, May 30, at 8 a.m. Outstanding student awards will be presented at this event.

Photos and Video

Your class photo will be taken immediately following the Alumni Breakfast on Friday, May 30 (refer to complete Commencement weekend schedule). You must wear your cap and gown for the picture. The photographer will also take other pictures as requested.
    An individual photograph will also be taken of you as you receive your hood during the ceremony. If you wish to purchase a photo, you may order directly from the photographer using this link.
    A video recording of the entire Commencement ceremony will be available. If you wish to purchase a copy of the full-length DVD, please use this form.

Hometown Publicity

If you wish to place a graduation announcement in your hometown newspaper, a suggested format is provided here. Amend it to convey all the appropriate personal information.