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Parents & Families
Barriers_and_FacilitatorsOvercoming Barriers to Perinatal Depression Treatment
Byatt, Biebel, Friedman, Debordes-Jackson, Allison & Ziedonis - 2011
UMMS Community Health & Research: Making the Connections Conference 

knowledge_exchangeKnowledge Exchange as Program Evaluation: The Family Networks Implementation Study as a Case Example
Nicholson, Adams, Maciolek, Biebel - 2009
Commonwealth Medicine Academic Conference

exploring_the_conceptExploring the Concept of Young Carer in Families Living with Parental Mental Illness
Seligowski, McNamee, Albert, Williams, & Nicholson - 2008
Psychiatry Research Day

mothers_with_mental_healthMothers with Mental Health Disorders: Mental Health Promotion in the Context of Parenting
Nicholson, Aaker, Agar, Albert, Banks, Biebel, Gershenson, Seligowski, Williams, Warren, Williams & Woolsey - 2008
Psychiatry Research Day


Supporting Clubhouse Members in their Role as Parents
Biebel, Hinden, Wolf - 2008
Psychiatry Research Day

supporting_parents_with_psychiatricSupporting Parents with Psychiatric Disabilities and Promoting Recovery: An International Challenge 
van der Ende & Nicholson - 2008
Boston University Conference - From Innovations to Practice

the_massachusetts_familyThe Massachusetts Family Networks Implementation Study
Nicholson, Maciolek, Adams, Gershenson, Lusher & Seligowski - 2008
 Annual Research Conference: A System of Care for Children's Mental Health

the_effectiveness_of_prenatalThe Effectiveness of Prenatal and Postpartum Emotional Health Screening
Lundquist, Fletcher, Taub, & Zandi - 2007
Commonwealth Medicine Academic Conference

the_family_options_projectThe Family Options Project: Implementing an Innovative Intervention for Parents with Mental Illnesses and Their Families
Nicholson, Biebel, Williams, Aaker, Albert,Gershenson, Warren & Woolsey - 2007
Psychiatry Research Day: Translational Research in Psychiatry

Center for Mental Health Services Research