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Juvenile Justice & Assessment
JuvenileJusticePosterJuvenile Competence to Stand Trial: An Evaluation of States' Services for Competence Remediation
Langley, Larson, Pinals, Sohn & Whittle - 2014
The 2014 Department of Mental Health Centers of Excellence Conference 

maysi_regional(MAYSI) Regional Differences and Race Effects in Mental Health Symptoms Among Juvenile Offenders
Cook, Vincent & Grisso - 2009
American Psychology-Law Society Conference

impact_of_maysi2Impact of Maysi-2 Mental Health Screening in Juvenile Detention
Williams & Grisso - 2007
Commonwealth Medicine Academic Conference

promoting_social_policyGender and Race Differences in Juvenile Mental Health Symptoms: MAYSI-2 National Norm Study
Vincent, Grisso, Terry & Steve Banks - 2007
Commonwealth Medicine Academic Conference

trajectories_of_offendingTrajectories of Offending from Childhood to Early Adulthood in Girls with and without Mental Health System Involvement
Davis, Banks, Gershenson, Fisher & Grudzinskas - 2007
Psychiatry Research Day: Translational Research in Psychiatry

Center for Mental Health Services Research