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Human Rights & Ethics
an_observational_descriptiveAn Observational Descriptive Study of IRB Decision Making
Lidz, Candilis, Appelbaum, Arnold, Grudzinskas, Garverich, Smith, Zandi & Seligowski - 2009
Psychiatry Research Day

a_direct_comparisonDirect Comparison of Research Decision-Making:Mentally ill, Medically ill, and Non-ill Subjects
Candilis, Fletcher, Geppert, Lidz, & Appelbaum
Presented October 16, 2007 - Psychiatry Research Day: Translational Research in Psychiatry

how_we_gotHow We Got a 75.4% Response Rate on an Internet Survey
Rosenbaum & Lidz - 2007
Commonwealth Medicine Academic Conference

Center for Mental Health Services Research