Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by CMHSR Faculty & Staff

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Rehabilitation & Recovery
American Journal on AddictionsGenetic Association of GABA-A Receptor Alpha-2 & Mu Opioid Receptor with Cocaine Cue-Reactivity: Evidence for Inhibitory Synaptic Neurotransmission Involvement in Cocaine Dependence
Smelson, Yu, Buyske, Gonzalez, Tishfield & Ziedonis - 2012

Suicide and LifePreventing Suicide Through Improved Training in Suicide Risk Assessment & Care: An American Association of Suicidology Task Force Report Addressing Serious Gaps in United States Mental Health Training
Schmitz Jr., Allen, Feldman, Gutin, Jahn, Kleespies, Quinnett & Simpson - 2012

Journal of AlternativeA Pilot Study of Qigong for Reducing Cocaine Craving Early in Recovery
Smelson, Chen, Ziedonis, Lennox & Callahan - 2012

Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease A Premature Obituary: Edward C. Spitzka and the American Psychiatry of 1878
Geller - 2011

a_brief_treatmentA Brief Treatment Engagement Intervention for Individuals with Co-occurring Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial
Smelson, Kalman, Losonczy, Kline, Sambamoorthi, St. Hill, Castles-Fonseca & Ziedonis - 2010

a_systematic_reviewA Systematic Review of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Diagnostic Criteria for Nicotine Dependence
DiFranza, Ursprung, Lauzon, Bancej, Wellman, Ziedonis, Kim, Gervais, Meltzer, McKay, O'Loughlin, Okoli, Fortuna & Tremblay - 2010

addressing_tobacco_use_disorderAddressing Tobacco Use Disorder in Smokers in Early Remission from Alcohol Dependence: The Case for Integrating Smoking Cessation Services in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs
Kalman, Kim, DiGirolamo, Smelson & Ziedonis - 2010

a_national_surveyBorderline Personality Disorder: Considerations for Inclusion in the Massachusetts Parity List of "Biologically-Based" Disorders
Foti, Geller, Guy, Gunderson, Palmer & Smith - 2010

comparison_of_twoComparison of Two Intensities of Tobacco Dependence Counseling in Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder
Williams, Steinberg, Hanos Zimmermann, Gandhi, Stipelman, Dooley Budsock & Zeidonis - 2010

a_history_ofInterdisciplinary Treatment Planning in Inpatient Settings: From Myth to Model
McLoughlin & Geller - 2010


The Research Potential of Administrative Data from State Mental Health Agencies 
Fisher & Rivard - 2010

wireless_technologyWireless Technologies, Ubiquitous Computing and Mobile Health: Application to Drug Abuse Treatment and Compliance with HIV Therapies
Boyer, Smelson, Fletcher, Ziedonis & Picard - 2010

the_changing_roleThe Changing Role of the State Psychiatric Hospital
 Fisher, Geller & Pandiani - 2009

musicMusic Therapy: A Novel Motivational Approach for Dually Diagnosed Patients
Ross, Cidambi, Dermatis, Weinstein, Ziedonis, Roth & Galanter - 2008 


Barriers and Solutions to Addressing Tobacco Dependence in Addiction Treatment Programs 
Ziedonis, Guydish, Williams, Steinberg & Foulds - 2007

cost_of_clubhousesCosts of Clubhouses: An International Perspective
McKay, Yates & Johnsen - 2007


a_history_ofA History of Private Psychiatric Hospitals in the USA: From Start to Almost Finished

Geller - 2006


a_history_ofAvoiding Extinction: Successful Private Psychiatric Hospitals in the Opening Decade of the Twenty-First Century
Geller - 2006


detection_of_co_occurringDetection of Co-Occurring Mental Illness Among Adult Patients in the New Jersey Substance Abuse Treatment System
Mei Hu, Kline, Huang & Ziedonis - 2006



Employment Transitions for Clubhouse Members
McKay, Johnsen, Banks & Stein - 2006

a_comparison_of_the_healthSubstance Use and Community Violence: A Test of the Relation at the Daily Level
Mulvey, Odgers, Skeem, Gardner & Schubert - 2006


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