Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by CMHSR Faculty & Staff

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Juvenile Justice & Assessment

Violence Risk Assessment & Report Writing: Applying the Structured Professional Judgement Model
Guy, Packer & Warnken - 2012


Probation Officers Perceptions of Youth's Risks of Reoffending & Self-reported Decision Making Practices
Perault, Paiva & Vincent - 2012


Impact of Risk/Needs Assessment on Juvenile Probation Officer's Decision-making: Importance of Implementation
Vincent, Paeva, Cook, Guy & Perrault - 2012


Does Risk Assessment Make a Difference? Results of Implementing the SAVRY in Juvenile Probation
Vincent, Guy, Gershenson & McCabe - 2012

knowledge_briefKnowledge Brief: Can Risk Assessment Improve Juvenile Justice Practices? 

Williams - 2011


Knowledge Brief: Does Mental Health Screening Fulfill Its Promise?
Grisso & Williams - 2011


Field Reliability of the SAVRY with Juvenile Probation Officers: Implications for Training
Vincent, Guy, Fusco, & Gershenson - 2011

risk_needs_assessmentRisk-Needs Assessment in Juvenile Justice: Predictive Validity of the SAVRY, Racial Differences, and the Contribution of Needs Factors
Vincent, Chapman & Cook - 2011

emerging_adults_withEmerging Adults With Psychiatric Disabilities Involved With the Criminal Justice System
Hartwell, Fisher & Davis - 2010

adolescent_offendersAdolescent Offenders with Mental Disorders
Grisso - 2008


Mental Health Screening: Pennsylvania's Experience In Juvenile Detention
Williams, Grisso, Valentine & Remsburg - 2008

impact_of_mental_health_screeningImpact of Mental Health Screening with the Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument (MAYSI-2) in Juvenile Detention
Williams & Grisso - 2008

justice_system_involvementJustice System Involvement Into Young Adulthood: Comparison of Adolescent Girls in the Public Mental Health System and in the GeneralPopulation

Davis, Fisher, Gershenson, Grudzinskas & Banks - 2008


Sex and Race Differences in Mental Health Symptoms in Juvenile Justice: The MAYSI-2 National Meta-Analysis
Vincent, Grisso, Terry & Banks - 2008

the_pclThe PCL: YV and Recidivism in Male and Female Juveniles: A Follow-up Into Young Adulthood

Vincent, Odgers, McMormick & Corrado - 2008

arrests_of_adolescentsArrests of Adolescent Clients of a Public Mental Health System During Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Davis, Banks, Fisher, Gershenson & Grudzinskas - 2007

do_childhoodDo Childhood Mental Disorders Cause Adult Crime
Grisso - 2007

gender_differencesGender Differences in Mental Health Symptoms Among Delinquent and Community Youths
Cauffman, Lexcen, Goldweber, Shulman & Grisso - 2007

progress_and_perilsProgress and Perils in the Juvenile Justice and Mental Health Movement
Grisso - 2007

prospects_for_remediatingProspects for Remediating Juveniles’ Adjudicative Incompetence

Viljoen & Grisso - 2007


teaching_adolescentsTeaching Adolescents and Adults About Adjudicative Proceedings: A Comparison of Pre- and Post-Teaching Scores on the MacCAT-CA

Viljoen, Odgers, Grisso & Tillbrook - 2007

assessing_adolescentsAssessing Adolescent Defendants' Adjudicative Competence: Interrater Reliability and Factor Structure of the Fitness Interview Test–Revised

Viljoen, Vincent & Roesch - 2006


juvenille_sex_offendersJuvenile Sex Offenders: A Complex Population
Andrade, Vincent & Saleh - 2006 

understanding_the_downwardUnderstanding the Downward Extension of Psychopathy to Youth: Implications for Risk Assessment and Juvenile Justice

Vincent & Vitacco - 2006

psychopathyPsychopathy and Violence Risk Assessment in Youth
Vincent - 2006

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