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Title: Using Evidence to Improve Medicaid Mental Health Services for Massachusetts Children & Youth - Part III
Dates: 7/1/2013 - 10/31/2013
Funder: W.T. Grant Foundation
Funding: $15,539
PI: Kathleen Biebel, Ph.D.

Abstract: Massachusetts is embarking on a state-wide effort, the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI), to improve the identification and treatment of children and youth with serious mental health needs eligible for Medicaid services. The goal of the proposed study is to understand ways in which research evidence, defined as empirical findings derived from systematic research methods and analyses, informs mental health policy and practice to improve outcomes for children and youth in the context of the CBHI. The study focuses on understanding when, how, and under what conditions research evidence is used in policy and practice involving children and youth, and how its use can be improved. We will explore the demand side of research evidence use, applying concepts of knowledge exchange and social settings at the level of provider agencies, set in the larger policy and sociopolitical context. Our ultimate aim is to provide a clearly articulated model of knowledge exchange to serve as a foundation for the future development and testing of strategies at the provider agency level to improve research evidence use. An in-depth understanding of the processes of research evidence acquisition, interpretation, and use will inform future efforts to strengthen knowledge exchange at the research-policy-practice interface on behalf of children and youth in Massachusetts and across the country, as similar systems change and evidence-based practice initiatives are implemented in mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and education.

Personnel: Joanne Nicholson, Ph.D. (Co-PI)  





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