Certificate Program in Primary Care Behavioral Health

For more than a decade, psychologists, social workers, counselors, physicians and psychiatrists have learned from this course how to develop their BH skills to become productive and valued team members in primary care, helping their practices embrace integration and provide better, more efficient patient care.

This Fall we are offering particpants the ability to delve into this content in 2 different ways: 

  1. The full Certificate course with 22 modules--a comprehensive and in-depth training in transferring specialty mental health skills and training to Integrated Primary Care settings.
  2. Pick and choose among 7 "Short Courses", including an orientation to topics of integration for physicians and administrators.
  3. Click this link for a brochure with all the details.








... I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you and the UMass program in Primary Care Behavioral Health for helping our practice gain the tools necessary for working in the primary care setting. Thus far we have had twenty-three Associates and Trainees go through the program beginning in 2010. Three of the members of our Executive Management Team have gone through the course.

You should know that we use the PCBH course as a standard of measure for any applicant, whether as an Associate or Trainee in application for positions at our practice if they haven’t already had training in Medical or Health Psychology. 

We will continue to encourage professionals and students to take the course in the future!

Paul C. Kredow, Psy.D, “Class of ‘10, Chief Psychologist/CEO, 

Primary Care Psychology Associates, LLC

Northfield, IL




What Particpants Say About This Course

I wanted to tell you directly how much I enjoyed and learned from the PCBH Certificate Program. What surprised me was how much I learned about things I thought I already knew! I am a life long learner and always believe I can learn something new- I just didn't expect it to be so extensive and profound.


I was very struck with your collaborative, respectful, strength- based attitude towards both patients and line staff (secretary's, MA's)  (The collaboration with PCP's was already a given). You are a gifted clinician and I learned a lot from the vignettes...the live "chat" also made the whole process engaging.  Finally, I had thought the price wal a little steep for an online course, but having gone through the course, and seeing the amazing number of resources, I think it was an excellent value.  In fact, this was one of the best CME courses I have taken.

Just text******

One of our early adopters (an LCSW), who has really changed her workflow from specialty MH model to much more of the PCBH model, shared a testimonial with her colleagues at our All Staff meeting last month where she credited UMASS with transforming the way she worked, and helping her to see that it was her role to support the PCP more closely! 


"After working as a clinical researcher in primary care for many years, I enrolled in course hoping to pick up some further perspectives and insights. I not only broadened my perspective on primary care behavioral health, but learned far more about my field than I ever anticipated. This course was incredibly valuable in my daily work with patients and providers and has had a profound impact on how I view my role within the primary care system. Any mental/ behavioral health specialist currently working in, or contemplating working in primary care should definitely take this course.”


Even now, one year after the completion of the course, I continue to comb through the course materials, handouts and articles for support and “supervision” as new and challenging situations arise. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking the clinical knowledge to provide reputable behavioral health services in primary care!


The Certificate Program in Primary Care Behavioral Health equipped me with countless invaluable skills for integrated practice in a family medicine setting. These tools have helped me become a more efficient and effective member of an interdisciplinary team in two different settings. 

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