People with Substance Use Disorders

UMass Medical School Center for Health Policy and Research provides in-depth policy analysis to help public health and managed care organizations develop and implement policies and best practices for serving populations with substance use disorders.

Key Focus Areas

The Impact of Buprenorphine on Medicaid Expenditures
The study compares treatment and outcomes of patients who receive buprenorphine therapy to those who receive other forms of treatment for opioid addiction and examines the expenditures and utiltization rates for each.

Co-occurring Chronic Disease and Substance Use Disorders
Translational research examines prevalence, diagnosis rates, and treatment for substance use disorders among asthma and diabetes emergency room patients and recommends improved screening and intervention programs in emergency settings.

Co-occurring Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders
Research study examines diagnosis and treatment data for Medicaid beneficiaries in five states, and recommends implementation of a no wrong door policy for treatment options.

Key Staff 

Robin Clark  Robin E. Clark, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Research
Jeff Baxter Jeff Baxter, M.D.
Consultant, Research and Evaluation Unit

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