Oct. 1, 2008 – Michael Tutty Named Director, Office of Community Programs

Michael Tutty, MHA, has been named Director of the Office of Community Programs (OCP) in the Center for Health Policy and Research, part of UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division.  As the Director of OCP, Mr. Tutty is involved in improving health care for vulnerable citizens by building bridges between the community and UMass Medical School to leverage its academic and community ties to develop, implement, and manage a range of complex educational, training, and technical projects.  Mr. Tutty is responsible for the day to day operations of OCP, including coordinating and overseeing all project work and financial budgets for the Office.

Mr. Tutty was promoted to this role from his position as Director of Academic Services and previously Senior Project Director within the Center.  As a contributor to a broad variety of funded research endeavors, he was involved in bringing together researchers and academics who are studying the disabled population that utilizes Medicaid, investigating the impact of policy changes on pharmaceutical utilization, and identifying Medicaid’s role in supporting the adoption of health information technology.

Mr. Tutty is also involved in the educational linkages between the Center and the Medical School, including supporting the dissemination of the Center’s academic work.  He is an Instructor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at UMass Medical School.

Mr. Tutty is currently working on his doctorate in public policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He received a bachelor’s degree from Western New England College and a master’s degree in health administration from Clark University in conjunction with UMass Medical School.

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