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Robert BaldorRobert Baldor, M.D.

Medical Director, Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Research, Center for Health Policy and Research
Professor, Vice Chairman and Predoctoral Director, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

As medical director, Dr. Robert Baldor supports the work of the Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Research (CDDER) as it relates to issue of medical care for individuals with intellectual disabilities. CDDER is located at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, and is part the Center for Health Policy and Research.

Dr. Baldor is dedicated to improving medical care for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. He is currently a member of the Governor’s Commission on Mental Retardation in Massachusetts, and in the past, chaired the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation Health Advocacy Committee.

As Vice Chair of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at UMass Medical School, Dr. Baldor uses his role as mentor and faculty member to educate residents and students on issues that affect people with disabilities. He chairs the medical school’s Education Policy Committee and serves as the Director of Community Based Education for the Office of Medical Education.

Dr. Baldor has been a faculty member at UMass Medical School since 1989, and joined the Center for Health Policy and Research in 2003. In addition, he is also Director of Health Policy Education at the Meyers Primary Care Institute, a joint endeavor of the Fallon Clinic Foundation, Fallon Clinic, and UMass Medical School.

Dr. Baldor holds a bachelor’s degree in medical technology from the University of Vermont, where he also obtained his MD degree from the College of Medicine in 1989. After completing a family practice internship and residency at the University of Massachusetts, he spent three years working at the Mescalaro Indian Hospital in New Mexico.

Dr. Baldor has published and lectured on a wide variety of family medicine and educational topics. He is the author of Managed Care Made Simple, a widely-used textbook for medical students and residents that covers the basics of managed care, health care costs, and the U.S. health care system. Now in its second printing, the book has recently been translated into Japanese. He has been an invited lecturer nationally speaking on a number of primary care topics, including “Care of the adult with intellectual disabilities,” and “Evidenced-based medicine for the practicing clinician.”

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