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The Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School offers an expansive scope of health policy, health law, and health economic consulting services to a wide range of clients. Our high level of expertise allows us to provide customized assistance to public agencies and nonprofit health care organizations seeking to improve health care, especially for vulnerable populations.

Health Policy Consulting
We provide a thorough understanding of the implications of health policy change for both public and private sector health care organizations through health policy development and analysis, data analysis, and post-implementation policy assessment.

Health Care System Reform
Our staff excels at the tasks involved in developing, evaluating, and implementing health care reform initiatives, drawing on our experience with comprehensive health system reform efforts in Massachusetts and other states that seek to expand coverage, improve quality, contain costs, or achieve some combination of all of these.

Health Law Analysis
We have extensive knowledge of the complex federal and state laws and regulations that influence health care programs. Through years of experience working as health lawyers in the public sector, our staff and leadership have developed strong knowledge of the most relevant topics affecting public health law.

Health Care Payment and Purchasing Strategies
Health care system reform may include changes in the methods payers use to purchase the services and goods that their members receive from health care providers and vendors.  Payment methods can be used to drive care delivery toward better practices proving to improve health outcomes.  The design of these incentive payment methods, however, must be effectively linked to clinical practices that improve quality of care.

Health Program Design and Implementation
We devise health programs for public agencies and guide them to success, developing stakeholder support and ensuring appropriate compliance with existing policies along the way. We have the technical capability to design programs and the strategic and legal expertise to implement them.