Health Care Reform

Examples of the Center's work on health care reform are below:

Jean Sullivan addressed the National Association of Reimbursement Officers (NARO) on February 9, 2011 in a nationally broadcast webinar for Medicaid Directors and reimbursement officers called, Federal Health Care Reform, So Far:  Overview and Reflections.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation/Massachusetts Health Policy Forum featured the report, Re-Forming Reform:  What the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Means for Massachusetts PDF Icon  by Robert Seifert and Andrew Cohen.  It examines how national health care reform impacts Massachusetts.  View the Forum Presentation  PDF Icon

Center's Director, Jean Sullivan and senior associates have advised New Hampshire officials, legislators, policymakers, researchers and advocates on several health reform topics, including uncompensated care policy; financing for hospital charity care, Medicaid, and the DSH program; options for expanded health access; eligibility for disability benefits, and state responsibilities under the federal health reform law, PPACA.  These projects involve policy and cost analysis, redesign of health care programs, and impact analysis of the new federal health law, PPACA.  These projects involve policy and cost analysis, redesign of health care programs, and impact analysis of the new federal health law, PPACA.  These efforts have been supported in part by Grants from the Endowment of Health and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and funded through contracts with Health Strategies, Inc., and the University of New Hampshire's Institute for Health Policy and Practice.

The Governor's Office of Health Policy & Finance in Maine has contracted with CHLE to help plan implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act .  CHLE Senior Staff worked closely with the Governor's office to build on their already impressive record -- Maine ranks 6th best in the country in covering uninsured -- by analyzing the federal law's potential effects on Maine policy, identifying key decisions and helping to lay out a timeline and process for making those decisions.  CHLE partnered with Bailit Health Purchasing and Amy Lischko, a former Massachusetts health policy official, on this project.  CHLE's Robert Seifert and Andrew Cohen were part of the Bailit Health Purchasing team that assisted Maine's Advisory Council for Health System Design write the report, Options and Opportunities for Implementing the Affordable Care Act in Maine, in December, 2010.  It is posted on Maine's web site:

For Connecticut's SustiNet Health Partnership, CHLE provided staff support, research and analysis to the SustiNet Board of Directors and its Advisory Committees and Task Forces to help design a public option health plan.  CHLE partnered with Arrowhead Health Analytics, and with Linda Green, a former Massachusetts health policy official, on this project.  This work was supported by funding from the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut and the Connecticut Health Foundation.  The Connecticut's SustiNet Health Partnership Board of Directors which issued its Final Report to the Connecticut General Assembly in January, 2011.

For Colorado's Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC), CHLE provided expert advice, via CHLE's partner Freedman HealthCare, on lessons learned from Massachusetts and other states in developing an All Payer Claims Database (APCD), including building consensus among stakeholders, designing meaningful measures, aggregating and cleaning data, achieving transparency, and meeting policy and research needs.

National Health Reform: Implications for Massachusetts PDF Icon was presented to the UMMS Graduate School of Nursing Alumni Association on June 4, 2010 by Katharine London.

An analysis for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation called National Health Care Reform and Its Impact on Massachusetts, was written by Senior Staff on October 28, 2009

Analyzing the Shared Responsibility of Financing Health Care Reform 
Requested by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation, senior staff researched, analyzed and reported on Shared Responsibility — Government, Business, and Individuals, Who Pays What for Health Reform?

How Coordinated Care Programs Can Improve Quality and Save Costs 
The delivery of health care in the United States is fragmented and uncoordinated, adding to costs and jeopardizing quality. This May 2009 issue brief, written for Community Catalyst, examines how health care can be delivered more smoothly and efficiently, particularly for people with chronic illnesses and complex needs.

Explaining the MassHealth Waiver and its Implication for Health Care Reform
Senior staff researched and presented a comprehensive issue brief, the MassHealth Waiver:  2009-2011... and Beyond at a February 2009 state-wide public forum that included over 200 key stakeholders in Massachusetts' health care reform process.  Stephanie Anthony presented the issue brief at the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum.