Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

The Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School has significant expertise in Medicaid and CHIP. Having held executive and senior positions in Massachusetts’ Medicaid and CHIP programs for many years, our staff has a comprehensive understanding of the technical, legal, financial, and administrative aspects of the programs. We can help clients navigate complex state and federal rules, develop sound financing and payment policies, and design, implement and evaluate program reforms.

Legal Analysis

Every modification in the constantly-changing rules governing Medicaid and CHIP can affect new and existing health care policies and programs and our staff has the expertise to help clients understand the consequences of those changes.


Our staff helps clients develop creative, fiscally sound health care financing structures for their public health insurance programs.  We have expertise in the complex financing mechanisms like IGTs, CPEs, and permissible health care-related taxes as well as DSH payment policies that help support a state's saftey net providers.

Policy and Program Development

Our expert staff provides comprehensive consulting services to public agencies to develop, analyze, and implement innovative and practical health care policies.


We work as partners with public agencies in managing the waiver process from start to finish, aggressively representing the agency at each step of the way.