Health Economics and Systems Analysis

The Center for Health Law and Economics has broad and deep analytic expertise reflecting our staff’s years of experience in health economics and health care financing, in the public and private sectors.

Intersection of Public and Private Markets
Our analyses provide insight into the many issues that determine whether a health policy is successful.

Health Care Financing
We provide a wealth of services to assist with the budgeting process, and our staff is expert in tapping state and federal funding sources.

Delivery Systems
Our team designs, directs, and delivers Medicaid-based reform efforts. We also have deep experience analyzing reform throughout the U.S.

Cost-containment and Quality Improvement
Our strategies acknowledge the need to improve quality and rein in costs without compromising consumers’ access to health care.

Access for Vulnerable Populations
Our analysis of the impact of proposed reform initiatives helps minimize health care disparities faced by low-income families, people with disabilities, people with unstable housing, and similarly vulnerable groups.