Our Team

The leadership team at the Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School includes recognized experts in health law, economics, and health care reform policies.

Jean Sullivan THUMB


Jean C. Sullivan, J.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor, Commonwealth Medicine
Director, Center for Health Law and Economics
Instructor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Julia Feldman, J.D.
Principal Associate

Katherine London ThumbKatharine London, M.S.
Principal Associate
Robert Seifert THUMBRobert W. Seifert, M.P.A.
Principal Associate
Margaret Carey THUMBMargaret Carey, M.P.H.
Senior Associate

Michael Grenier, M.P.A.
Senior Associate

Amanda Littell-Clark ThumbAmanda Littell-Clark, J.D., M.P.H
Senior Associate


Policy and Research Staff

/uploadedImages/CWM_CHLE/About/Carol-Gyurina-thumb.jpgCarol Gyurina, M.M.H.S.
Health Policy Associate
/uploadedImages/CWM_CHLE/About/wendy-traftonT.jpgWendy Trafton, M.P.H.
Rachel Frazier THUMB

Rachel Frazier, J.D., M.P.H. 
Senior Research Policy Analyst

 Rebecca Kushner, M.P.A.
Senior Research Policy Analyst    
 Tami Ohler, Ph.D.
Policy Analyst
 Kate Russell, M.A.
Policy Analyst

In addition to relying on the expertise of the staff listed here, the Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School also draws upon the knowledge and skills of expert consultants and a broad range of additional staff members, including compliance and review attorneys, and support staff.