Pre-Requisites, Application and Tuition | Train-the-Trainer

Pre-requisites for admission to Train-the-Trainer

  • CFM Certified MBSR Teacher
  • 5 or more years experience as an MBSR teacher
  • Taught 15 or more 8-week MBSR classes
  • Commitment to the study and practice of meditation, personal self-investigation, and regular attendance at silent teacher-led retreats
  • Demonstrated adherence to the ethos, values and principles delineated in the CFM’s MBSR Standards of Practice

How to apply

CFM certified MBSR Teachers who have demonstrated competence and responsiveness, and who maintain the high standards that distinguish the Center For Mindfulness programs are invited to apply. Train-the-Trainer begins in January 2017.

Apply Now
Application Deadline: October 16, 2016
Acceptances will be determined by November 1, 2016

Tuition and payment

The tuition for the four courses of Train-the-Trainer is $14,500.  This may be paid in full upon acceptance or in five (5) equal installments of $2,900 each, paid as follows:

Payment Due Time Frame Tuition Amount Due
Upon acceptance to Train-the-Trainer $2,900
One month after acceptance $2,900
Two months after acceptance $2,900
Three months after acceptance $2,900
Four months after acceptance $2,900

Commitment and refund policy

Your participation in this course represents a commitment to yourself and the MBSR Train-the-Trainer (TT) instructors, participants and staff.

Course Withdrawals

Please note that ceasing to attend classes or notifying your instructor that you are withdrawing does not constitute official withdrawal. To officially withdraw, please contact the Oasis Project Coordinator in writing, via email.

Refund Structure:

Withdrawal Date Refund
Upon acceptance to Train-the-Trainer Full tuition refund, less $500 deposit
Two weeks before course start date 50%, less $500 deposit
Less than two weeks before course start date 0%
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