Ongoing Education and Training

Ongoing education and training, included related services, programs and ongoing initiatives allow you to explore mindfulness-based applications and interventions that are focused on specific areas of expertise. These workshops and training programs offer an experiential exploration of mindfulness-based approaches that appeal to a broad range of professionals, including physicians, health care professionals working with specific populations, educators and trainers, and MBSR teachers, among others.

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Current Services, Programs and Initiatives


Unlike Supervision, which is intended to support you while you teach MBSR classes, Consultation focuses on your needs for guidance and feedback as you:

  • Teach the principles of mindfulness or MBSR to specific audiences, or
  • Adapt the principles of MBSR to meet the needs of various professions and occupations, or
  • Develop mindfulness-based programs other than MBSR.

Once your needs are evaluated, you will be assigned to a senior CFM instructor who will act as your advisor, and with whom you may arrange a number of individual sessions.

The results of a Consultation engagement may include the development of supporting instructional materials such as curricula, recordings, workbooks, and other teaching resources.

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For more information about these or any of our Oasis programs, contact us at or 508-856-1097

For more information about these or any of our Oasis programs, contact us at or