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Oasis Institute Tuition Assistance

In the spirit of generosity, we, at the Center for Mindfulness, are committed to creating broad access to all of our programs for those who are committed to exploring the benefits of learning and teaching mindfulness practice, and who cannot afford to pay full tuition. We recognize that all individuals and families experience unanticipated fluctuations and/or challenges in their financial lives, and we do not want cost to be the sole determining factor in whether or not you participate in our programs. Therefore, if you are interested, and feel you cannot attend a program due to its cost, you are strongly encouraged to apply for tuition assistance.

A designated evaluation and assessment team for each program reviews your application, financial need and the funds available. You may apply for tuition assistance for up to two programs per year. Priority, however, is given to those applying for the first time. A separate tuition assistance application is required for each program.

Assessment for eligibility and award of tuition assistance begins with completing the application and registering for the program you wish to attend by the designated deadlines. Because of the volume of requests for tuition assistance and our wish to support as many as possible, the full cost of a program is rarely covered by one of our scholarships.

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