Oasis Institute Training Path – at a Glance

Click here for a printable checklist to help you navigate the Oasis Institute Training Pathway.

Phase 1: First Steps

Participation in the Oasis Institute teacher training program, requires the following:

Phase 2: Next Steps: Foundational Study and Training

The Oasis Institute foundational study and training programs prepare you to teach MBSR. Participation in the program includes the following:

By successfully completing the Teacher Development Intensive you will have the minimum qualifications for beginning to teach complete MBSR courses on your own.

Phase 3: Deepening Your Experience as an MBSR Teacher

Culminating in preparation for Teacher Certification Review, Phase 3 includes the following:

  • Teaching at least four complete eight-week MBSR courses.
  • Supervision in MBSR- Teaching at least one eight-week MBSR course under the supervision of a qualified Center for Mindfulness MBSR instructor.
  • Developing, deepening, and refining both your understanding and skills through further teaching, study, retreat practice, reflection, and supervision.  At least three mindfulness meditation retreats are required to proceed to MBSR Teacher Certification.
  • Participation in a post-Supervision reflection and assessment process.

Phase 4: Teacher Certification in MBSR

To be eligible for MBSR Teacher Certification Review, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of all Phase 3 requirements.
  • Continued teaching to complete at least eight complete MBSR courses.
  • Completion of at least four mindfulness meditation retreats.
  • Ongoing daily mindfulness meditation practice; and yoga and other body-centered awareness practices.
  • Professional graduate degree or equivalent working experience.

If you meet all criteria deemed satisfactory according to practice standards established by the Center for Mindfulness, you will be granted Teacher Certification in MBSR.

Ongoing Personal and Professional Development

In addition to participating in Oasis Institute professional training programs, dedication to the ongoing exploration of the following interconnected pathways of personal and professional development is essential:

  • Mindfulness meditation – daily practice and silent retreats.
  • Commitment to ongoing personal psychological development.
  • Training in hatha yoga or other body-centered awareness practice.
  • Completion or pursuit of a professional graduate degree or equivalent working experience.

Clarifying Your Intentions

Depending on your intentions for training in MBSR and/or integrating mindfulness into your life and work, you can approach Oasis Institute professional training programs in any of the following ways:



Become an MBSR Teacher:Develop, enhance, and refine your MBSR teaching skills by completing all Oasis Institute course requirements through Phase 2. 
Become a Certified MBSR Teacher:Follow a course of comprehensive and systematic training in MBSR leading to Teacher Certification in MBSR by successfully completing Phases 1 – 4.
Learn and apply MBSR principles in your professional and personal life:

Take part in one or more Phase 2 courses in order to:

  • Explore the foundations of MBSR as a critical framework for teaching and/or researching a growing array of other mindfulness-based approaches and interventions.
  • Apply a range of mindfulness-based practices, attitudes, and skills to your personal and professional life.