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Tuition and payment options structured to allow everyone to participate

Tuition sliding-scale levels are based on household income, and participants are encouraged to pay at the rate associated with their household income. If financial support beyond this scale is needed, payment plans are available and tuition assistance may be applied for.

Household IncomeTuition
Full Tuition - "Pay it Forward"* $725
$50,000 or greater Full Tuition $725**
Discounted to $655 if paid in full
$40,000-$49,000 $580
$39,000 and under $545

*For those of you who can afford to, we invite you to "pay it forward" by making your payment at the higher level. This will help those unable to pay more to attend the program at a discounted rate.

**Payment plans will be charged at the full tuition rate based on your household income

Payment types:

  • Online payment in full or in six monthly installments with VISA or MasterCard at time of Orientation
  • American Express and Discover payments in full may be accepted in person or by phone
  • Personal checks are accepted at Orientation

For other payment questions, please contact the CFM clinic staff by email at or by phone at (508) 856-2656, select Option #1.

Tuition Assistance

The UMASS Center for Mindfulness is committed to creating broad access to all of its programs for those who are interested in exploring the benefits of mindfulness practice. Recognizing that some participants may have financial challenges, if you are interested but feel you cannot attend a program due to its cost, you may apply for tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is not available for our online programs.

  • You may apply for tuition assistance for up to two programs per year.
  • Priority is given to those applying for the first time.
  • A separate tuition assistance application is required for each program.
  • Because of the volume of requests for tuition assistance and our wish to support as many as possible, the full cost of a program is rarely covered by one of our scholarships.
  • Assessment for eligibility and award of tuition assistance begins with completing the registration process outlined below.

Register and apply for Tuition Assistance

  1. Sign-up for an Orientation Session, which is free of charge and required of all participants before being accepted.
  2. After registering for an Orientation Session, apply for tuition assistance by completing the  Tuition Assistance Application. If you are unable to complete the application online, contact us at 508-856-2656.
  3. Tuition assistance applications must be received by the Center for Mindfulness no later than 3 business days after Orientation.
  4. Notification of tuition assistance award will be made no later than one week before classes begin.
  5. Everyone is asked to make the first installment payment ($91 - $121) at the time of registration to guarantee class enrollment. Any tuition assistance will be applied to future payments.

Tuition for other Mindfulness-Based Programs can be found on the course details page for those programs.

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