Training Pathways

Becoming an MBSR Teacher

Teaching mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) requires the capacity to meet your own stress, pain, grief and anxiety, and that of others, with attention, transparency, compassion, and resilience. Cultivating these qualities takes patience, time and effort. The process is both cumulative and non-linear.

Through the Oasis Institute, you have the option of training to become an MBSR Teacher, and also to pursue the more rigorous CFM Certification in MBSR Teaching

The Oasis Institute pathway to becoming a professionally-trained MBSR teacher consists of successive phases of intensive preparation, study, training reflection, practice and direct teaching experience.

We encourage you to proceed through your training slowly and thoroughly, allowing time to integrate what you are learning into your life and teaching.

Becoming a CFM Certified MBSR Teacher

*Steps that are CFM courses/supervision

Foundational Study & Training

Deepen Teaching Experience

CFM Teacher Certification

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