Fall Teaching Institute


Three months of ongoing professional education opportunities furthering a new generation of MBSR teaching and research

This inaugural 2014 Center for Mindfulness Fall Teaching Institute (FTI) is an intensive, multi-dimensional professional education and training program led by pioneering leaders in the field of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

With continuous programming through September, October and November, the Fall Teaching Institute has residential, non-residential, and web-based options geared towards your participation. All programs and confernces will be held at the Center for Mindfulness, on the Maple Avenue Campus of the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Shrewsbury, MA.

Teacher Development Intensive (TDI)
September 5-13, 2014
8-Week Practicum in MBSR
September 23 - November 14, 2014
Conducted within the internationally-acclaimed Stress Reduction Clinic

Heart of the Matter: Advanced Online Seminar for MBSR Teachers
September 29 - November 19, 2014
with Florence Meleo-Meyer, MS, MA, Elana Rosenbaum, LICSW, and Saki Santorelli, EdD, MA.

Labor of Love: Best Practices Intensive Conference for MBSR Teachers
October 19 - 20, 2014
Instructional, in-depth conference led by Florence Meleo-Meyer, Saki Santorelli, and other CFM senior teachers
September - October, 2014
Presented by Saki Santorelli, Florence Meleo-Meyer,
Elana Rosenbaum and Jon Kabat-Zinn

The central aim of the Fall Teaching Institute is to advance best practice standards and principles in mindfulness-based stress reduction for MBSR teachers, MBSR teachers-in-training, and MBSR Teacher Trainers. The long-term objective is to further the formation of a new generation of MBSR Teachers, Supervising Teachers and Teacher Trainers while offering advanced continuing education for seasoned MBSR teachers.

If you would like to be notified of updates to the Fall Teaching Institute, please email us or call us at 508 856 1647.

Who should attend?

The CFM Fall Teaching Institute is designed for teachers, clinicians and researchers of MBSR and other mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs). It is designed for those who are:

  1. Committed to cultivating rich and diverse learning environments for classroom participants and
  2. Intent on maintaining program fidelity of the MBSR curriculum and pedagogy.

What will we explore?

Across the entire span of the institute, we will come together as a community of learners to reflect upon five questions emerging out of the work of the great educators like John Dewey, Parker Palmer and Paolo Friere. We believe that these questions are central to MBSR and are at the heart of all good teaching:

  1. Who is the teacher?
  2. How does the cultivation of the inner landscape of the teacher show up in the MBSR/MBI classroom?
  3. What is the nature of an educational process intent on liberation?
  4. What role can and does mindfulness and MBSR play in participatory medicine and the education that liberates?
  5. How do we assess good teaching?

What topics will the Fall Teaching Institute address?

  • In-depth exploration and reflection on the questions: Who is the Teacher? What role does the inner landscape and "self" of the teacher show up in the classroom?
  • Utilizing awareness of self, other, and the larger group in the MBSR classroom
  • Learning to respond effectively to a wide variety of classroom situations
  • Exploring what it means to meet suffering with greater wisdom and compassion
  • Refining the process of inquiry with program participants through understanding and practicing the pedagogy of inquiry and dialogue
  • Promoting strategies for creating a more dynamic, participatory classroom
  • Examining the essential use of questions in the MBSR classroom
  • Demonstrating multiple approaches to dyad, small and large groups processes in the MBSR classroom
  • Learning to work with fear and anxiety when teaching
  • Developing a working knowledge and understanding of the MBI-TAC - a criteria for assessment of MBI teacher competencies developed by our colleagues in the UK

You will have an opportunity to explore these topics through participation in the FTI live and online education formats in close collaboration with the CFM teaching staff.

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