Teaching of Tomorrow

Program Description

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Teaching of Tomorrow

Program Description

The CFDC conducts Teaching of Tomorrow (TOT) workshops for clinical teachers, designed to develop the teaching skills of clinical primary care faculty necessary to incorporate trainees into busy practices and maximize the learning potential of the experience. 

  • This longitudinal program consists of two 2 day workshops spread over the course of a year.
  • Workshops are presented to a multidisciplinary group of preceptors, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants from the Northeast.
  • Experience is designed to enhance the teaching skills of office-based clinical primary care faculty.
  • Learners engage in short interactive lectures followed by demonstration and practice of skills in small groups.
  • Videos, modeling and role-play are used to promote excellent teaching.
  • Workshops will focus on strategies of effective preceptoring, and will be based on a teaching model designed to increase preceptors’ effectiveness in their dual role as clinician-educators.
  • Past participants have consistently given high ratings to the quality of the curriculum, faculty and the wealth of knowledge shared by fellow participants.
  • Previously enrolled in the 2011-2012 in the Teaching of Tomorrow (TOT) faculty development series are 65 primary care faculty from the departments of internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics  practicing throughout the Northeast.
  • TOT for the 2012-2013 series has no HRSA sponsorship therefore the new registration fee is $2000.00 per individual which includes the program, CME credits, 1 night hotel accomodations and meals at each workshop.

Just a reminder – we ask that all applicants commit to attending both of the workshops, scheduled as follows:

Workshop I: November 30 to December 1, 2012 

Workshop II: March 15 and 16, 2013 

Past TOT participants represented the following medical schools and universities:

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